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March 27 2017


Central Jersey, Anne Arundel County

On Saturday, I went to the "Plainsboro Preserve 2017 Geotrail Launch" geocaching event in (where else?) Plainsboro Preserve. The event itself was in the nature center building, where there was an European Starling that perched by the heat lamp for a while before taking a bird bath. I didn't stay for the geotrail caches since I had other caches to go for in Rocky Hill, Montgomery, Belle Mead, and Somerville. Followed those with a Munzee grab around the Bridgewater Commons Mall before dinner.

Sunday's trip was more Munzee-focused because the main goal was to capture more than 1000 of those in Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. However, it turned out that there were a lot of geocaches as well in the Glen Burnie area on the B&A Trail and around the shopping centers along Gov Ritchie Highway. After that I hit the Munzee gardens at Arundel Mills Mall. There were two of those, one that looked like a Christmas tree and one that was in the shape of a giant Munzee pin. (I think) I also visited the top of the casino parking garage, although the only thing the view from there showed was how difficult it was to find a parking space.

Saturday 2017-03-25:

Plainsboro Preserve 2017 Geotrail Launch (New Jersey)
New Jersey State Tree II (New Jersey)
Freedom Trail I (New Jersey)
Squirrel (New Jersey)
SPG - Fahrenheit 451 (New Jersey)
SPG - Checkers (New Jersey)
SPG - Lower Forty (New Jersey)
Spider House (New Jersey)
BPH#1 (New Jersey)
BPH#2 (New Jersey)
Somerville Cemetery Stash (New Jersey)
Winter Fix (New Jersey)
It's the TOPS (New Jersey)
Solar farm (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-03-26:

MD-404/US-50 TB Mini Hotel (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: A view of Pluto (Maryland)
Bricked in (Maryland)
Power Up (Maryland)
Just Outside (Maryland)
Breeze Block (Maryland)
In the Stump (Maryland)
Pedestrians (Maryland)
TYGR402: And Chloe 2 (Maryland)
TYGR402: And Chloe Too (Maryland)
Finley (Maryland)
Liam (Maryland)
Miles (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: 35mm GR (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Blue Ornament (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: In the Corner (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: In the Corner 2 (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Red Ornament (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Hanging Around 2 (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Brand New Lamp Pole (Maryland)
A is for Apple, B is for Bee, C is for cache (Maryland)

March 23 2017


Ocean City, Salisbury

To avoid any strain on my shoulder, I decided to plan the weekend around Munzee instead of geocaching, although I did still get some geocaches along the way. Most Munzees are in built-up areas and I'd say more than 95% of them would be rated 1 or 1.5 stars for terrain. I took a look at the Munzee map and the area just south of the state line, from Salisbury to Ocean City (Maryland, not New Jersey), was chock full of Munzees. So that's where I went.

Saturday's trip was to the south end of Ocean City. I got some geocaches in Bear and Ellendale on the way. There were two geocaches I hadn't gotten yet in that part of Ocean City but for the most part, I had the Munzee app open to grab the virtuals and some physicals along the boardwalk. Of course, I did the tourist thing too while I was there. I gawked at the dinosaur bones and the funny batmobile. Munzee total for the day was 2,203 captures and 30,912 points, the best I'd ever done and enough to bag the 25K Day badge, which I'd been eyeing for a while.

On Sunday, I went down to Salisbury. There were large groups of Munzees at the shopping center on southbound US-13, entering Salisbury, and at the Salisbury University sports fields, but the real treat this trip was to the Salisbury Zoo. I didn't walk in all the way but I saw a representative sample of animals and captured a full set of the limited-time charity paw prints Munzees. It made sense that the Maryland Munzers would deploy those at the zoo. Sunday's totals: 1,755 captures, 29,220 points. Then after leaving Salisbury, I got some geocaches in the Seaford area along US-13, on the way to dinner.

March 12 2017


Chadds Ford, East Bradford, and the Shoulder Injury

There were a few caches here and there locally that I'd planned to get on Saturday before going to Pottstown. So I got one in Wilmington, and after breakfast, I got two more in Chadds Ford and East Bradford. The open space area in East Bradford had a bit of a slope, which I had no problem going down but on the way back up, I slipped and fell. I must have landed the wrong way because my left shoulder and upper arm was sore and I didn't have as much strength there as usual. So I went to the Penn Medicine Emergency Room in West Chester to get it checked.

Got admitted not long after since the ER wasn't busy. Some things must have changed in the years since I was last in a hospital. They now seem to be required to ask a batch of questions to make sure that any injury was not the result of physical abuse. Anyway, I caught up with some Bruce Willis movies in the patient room while waiting for X-rays and such. Got pushed around in a wheelchair, which was more fun that I would've thought, to the X-ray room. A nurse administered some painkiller via IV although it really didn't do much. It was exactly as a friend described it once: you're still sore but the drug makes you not care as much about the soreness. The doctor was really good though. He moved my arm a bit and the bone went right back in without any pain at all. Then I left the hospital with some instructions and a prescription, although the nurse told me it's really just for some over-the-counter Aleve. I am to take a couple of days off from work and see an orthopedic specialist for a followup but that seems to be about it.

March 06 2017


Audubon/Oaks, Doylestown, Lehigh Valley

Saturday's trip was in two parts: first to Oaks and Audobon, and then to Warrington, Doylestown, and Plumsteadville. I was mostly going where the new geocaches were, since I'd already done most of the old ones. The one remarkable spot was a hidden garden (behind bushes, not visible from the main path and road) on the campus of Delaware Valley College in Doylestown.

Sunday was another trip to Lehigh Valley because I was still in the middle of finding a large collection of caches in the Easton area. The temperature was low but the air was very still, so it didn't feel that cold. So I decided to take a walk on the Plainfield Rail Trail, starting from the Stockertown parking area. Appropriately enough, the caches along this trail were named for characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine show. Strangest thing I noticed was a warning sign about cleaning up horse manure. It must be working; I didn't see any horse poop along that 2-mile stretch of trail. There were also some icicles that still haven't melted despite the 60 and 70°F days recently. After that, I continued traveling northwards to Belfast and Wind Gap, until it was time to stop for the day.

Saturday 2017-03-04:

All bets are off (Pennsylvania)
Stick Around! (I) (Pennsylvania)
Stick Around! (IV) (Pennsylvania)
Camo Party! (II) (Pennsylvania)
Camo Party! (I) (Pennsylvania)
Stick Around! (II) (Pennsylvania)
Legend of the Golden Goose! (Pennsylvania)
Eisoptrophobia (Pennsylvania)
A Sign of the Times III (Pennsylvania)
A Royal Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bed Time (Pennsylvania)
Willow Knoll (Pennsylvania)
Into the Out of III (Pennsylvania)
Stone Manor Third Time (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Point Park (Pennsylvania)
Das Eisernes Madchen (Pennsylvania)
Magical Garden (Pennsylvania)
Excelsior (Pennsylvania)
Stay Off the Tracks (Pennsylvania)
New Britain P&G 2 (Pennsylvania)
William E. Neis Park (Pennsylvania)
Parking Lot (Pennsylvania)
Another One for Plumsteadville (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2017-03-05:

CASPER’S CACHE (Pennsylvania)
Zebra Butt (Pennsylvania)
2925 LPC (Pennsylvania)
Sodor Steamworks (Pennsylvania)
Stephen’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Den’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Salty’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Porter’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Rex’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gordon’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Paxton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ryan’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bert’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sidney’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Connor’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sodor Roundhouse (Pennsylvania)
Henry’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gator’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Edward’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Henrietta’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Diesel’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
PTAA P&G (Pennsylvania)
Foul 295 (Pennsylvania)
Go Go Godzilla (Pennsylvania)
Goin to the Chapel (Pennsylvania)
Rt. 33 Belfast I/C Travel Bug Motel (Pennsylvania)
Path Rest Stop (Pennsylvania)
Tree Stand Thanksgiving Specials 11-11 (Pennsylvania)
Plainfield Middle (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #15 (Pennsylvania)
K&G LPC (Pennsylvania)
Meeting place 3 (Pennsylvania)
Urban Jungle (Pennsylvania)

February 27 2017


Bear, Baltimore, and Lehigh Valley

Saturday began with a collection of geocaches in the Caravel Farms area in Bear. Then I headed over to Rosedale, near Baltimore. I wanted to do the cache trail in Double Rock Park but I only got the first two caches before a thunderstorm cut my hike short. So for the rest of the day, I went for caches around shopping centers and office parks in Parkville, Towson, and Essex, between bursts of rain. What's odd about this trip is two caches I had trouble with in the past, "Evil Little Evergreen Hide" and "Suds on a Pedestal", were easy to find. Looking back through the logs, I believe the latter was missing and had been replaced. The former could have been dislodged and is now temporarily in an easier spot.

Sunday's trip was to Lehigh Valley again for another 45 caches. There is method to the madness though. Each park or cemetery, or in some cases the entire town, had caches named for characters from one TV show. So the ones I found that day were from Three's Company, All In The Family, Thundercats, Josie and the Pussycats, Seinfeld, Tom and Jerry, and My Favorite Martian. And the towns I visited were Bath, East Allen, Nazareth, and Tatamy. The Iron Workers Lunch Time sculpture was an interesting find. It's not related to any geocache yet. I saw it while driving to a geocache and I just had to stop and photograph it. Another great location was the Indian Tower. I used the spiral stairs to get to the second level and take some pictures of the scenery.

Saturday 2017-02-25:

Rocky Hide in Caravel (Delaware)
Belltown Run Bridge (Delaware)
As Far As You Can Go in Brevoort Park (Delaware)
Take a Load Off, Karloff (Delaware)
Jayson Drive II Cache (Delaware)
Jayson Drive Cache (Delaware)
Cat Friendly (Delaware)
Cul De Sac Cache (Delaware)
PLLP#3 (Delaware)
Rosedale Travel Bug Hotel (Maryland)
Behind The Church (Maryland)
Welcome to Double Rock (please no dumping ) (Maryland)
'Roo 'Roo 'Roo! (Maryland)
Off Ramp Here? (Maryland)
Au Revoir 2016 (Maryland)
Evil Little Evergreen Hide (Maryland)
Maryland Executive Park (Maryland)
Rolling in the Dough (Maryland)
Pink Floyd Inspired (Maryland)
Mockingbird Cache (Maryland)
Suds on a Pedestal (Maryland)
EX.T BD221 (Maryland)
EX.T Rent and Bent (Maryland)
Eastpoint Tree (Maryland)

Sunday 2017-02-26:

Chrissy’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Janet’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
IT ALL ENDS HERE (Pennsylvania)
The Road to Nowhere II (Pennsylvania)
Meatheads’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gloria’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Edith’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Archie Bunker’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Stone Post on Trickle Creek (Pennsylvania)
Basketball in a Tree? (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - ? (Pennsylvania)
Lion-o’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mother's Day (Pennsylvania)
Cheetara’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Snarf’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Panthro’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Tygra’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
'Can' you find me 3 (Pennsylvania)
I'll Fly Away II (Pennsylvania)
SUPPLY - LPC (Pennsylvania)
Melody Valentine’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Valerie Brown’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Josie McCoy’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Scooby-Doo: Seven Days a Week (Pennsylvania)
Jerry's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Kramer’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Elaine’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Swimming with the Fishies (Pennsylvania)
Newman’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
shhh (Pennsylvania)
Quick Stop (Pennsylvania)
Steal H20 (Pennsylvania)
Tom’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign - Holy Family (Pennsylvania)
THE INDIAN TOWER (Pennsylvania)
ET CELL PHONE HOME (Pennsylvania)
Overlooking Nazareth (Pennsylvania)
That was treasy (Pennsylvania)
Park and grab (Pennsylvania)
Lorelei Brown’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Tim O’Hara’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Uncle Martin’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Beetle Bailey’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sarge's Cache (Pennsylvania)

February 22 2017


Presidents Day Weekend - KoP / Berwyn, Reading, Lehigh Valley

Had Monday off so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to nearby Ridley Park for a few caches, then farther north to King of Prussia, Berwyn, Plymouth Meeting, Lansdale, Colmar, and New Britain. The ruins of the Moore-Irwin House were interesting to explore. It looked like a house built into the side of a knoll, so you can climb up the slope and look down into the ruins. Also remarkable was how close this abandoned structure was to modern-day businesses and offices. It's practically just off a parking lot. I also made a side trip to visit the National Memorial Arch in Valley Forge (for Munzee though. Geocaches are not allowed in national parks.) and the Elmwood Park Zoo murals. (In that section of the mural, it looks like the animals are looking at you disapprovingly. I thought it was funny.)

Sunday's trip was to Wyomissing, Sinking Spring, and Reading. This area is a bit rougher and graffiti-filled but I thought it was clever that the cache at this location was camoflaged to blend in with the graffiti. There were some nice spots too, such as a hilltop pavillion near the Penn State campus.

Monday was the real treat of the holiday weekend. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley in a while, so there were a bunch of cache series waiting. I didn't have enough daylight for everything but I got the Waltons, Snooper & Blabber, some old TV shows, Mel Brooks, the Addams Family, a bunch of cartoons, and a few more around a residential area for good measure. (The cache owners must've watched a lot of TV. :) ) The caches were mostly in parks and cemeteries in Bethlehem, Easton, and Palmer Township. I thought Housenick Park (BTCS series) was the most interesting area because it's the grounds of an old estate with a cellar (or perhaps a dungeon of mystery), a pump house, and historical tennis courts! (No kidding. That's what the sign says!)

Saturday 2017-02-18:

Another Delco Geocache (Pennsylvania)
They Came From the Marsh! (Pennsylvania)
Goose (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request (Pennsylvania)
Rocket_Man Payback (Pennsylvania)
The Moore-Irwin House (Pennsylvania)
Out back Outback (Pennsylvania)
Let Me Outta Here! (Pennsylvania)
Super Wall (Pennsylvania)
Summer Sled (Pennsylvania)
Fish Have Chewy (Pennsylvania)
While We're Here (Pennsylvania)
Rockin' Pumpkin (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break VIII (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball (Pennsylvania)
Elliebellie (Pennsylvania)
TUROPHOBIA (Pennsylvania)
Capnophobia (Pennsylvania)
Potamophobia (Pennsylvania)
No Tractor Trailers (Pennsylvania)
Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Pennsylvania)
Staurophobia (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break VII (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Park - First One Ever (Pennsylvania)
Are You Fit to Be a Cacher? II (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2017-02-19:

Thun Trail 729 (Pennsylvania)
Stations Of The Cross (Pennsylvania)
Hippopotomonstrosequippedalaliphobia (Pennsylvania)
My Obsession (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXIV (Pennsylvania)
Do fish dance (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Reminiscing #1 (Pennsylvania)
There Are Places I Remember #2 (Pennsylvania)
Hilltop Hangout (Pennsylvania)
The Lion And The Magnetic Fish (Pennsylvania)
The Griffin of Berks (Pennsylvania)
Prior Civilization (Pennsylvania)
TCVG01 - Stonecliffe (Pennsylvania)
3 Doors Down (Pennsylvania)
Set in Stone (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2017-02-20:

Elizabeth Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Erin Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jason Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Jim Bob Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
John Walton Sr’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
John Boy Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mary Ellen Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Grandpa Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Olivia Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Grandma Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ben Walton’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Snooper’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Blabber’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 4 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 5 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 3 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 2 (Pennsylvania)
BTCS 1 (Pennsylvania)
Gilligan's Island (Pennsylvania)
Taxi (Pennsylvania)
The Munsters (Pennsylvania)
M*A*S*H (Pennsylvania)
Hogan's Heroes (Pennsylvania)
Mchale's Navy (Pennsylvania)
All in the Family (Pennsylvania)
Industrial Park Walking Path (Pennsylvania)
Fore (Pennsylvania)
BT Open Space II (Pennsylvania)
galactic swag 2.0 (Pennsylvania)
Blazing Saddles (Pennsylvania)
Young Frankenstein (Pennsylvania)
Stamp that Turtle (Pennsylvania)
Mel Brooks (Pennsylvania)
Cousin It’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Uncle Fester’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Gomez Addams Cache (Pennsylvania)
Lurch’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Morticia's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mighty Mouse’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
Speedy Gonzales’s Cache (Pennsylvania)
IT ALL ENDS HERE ALSO (Pennsylvania)
ONE BIG WAREHOUSE (Pennsylvania)

February 14 2017


Hunn Park / St. Jones Greenway, Essex / Canton

Saturday was relatively simple. I only hiked in two areas: Hunn Park and the St. Jones River Greenway in Dover. These are not linear trails though. Some of the caches were located on offshoots from the main trail. In total, it was over 8 miles of walking round trip but there were no inclines and a lot of the trail was fine gravel or asphalt, so it's an easy walk. Not much scenery though, other than marshes and inlets.

Sunday's trip was mostly to the east and southeast of Baltimore to get the new geocaches in Middle River, Essex, and Canton. It was a rainy day though, so I decided to get some Munzees as well while waiting for the rain to taper off. There was still enough time for 16 geocaches. I'd never been to Canton before so it's a new area for me. The neighborhood looks like a mix of old and new. Office and shopping center development along the waterfront seems to be turning the area into another Towson or White Marsh.

Saturday 2017-02-11:

Hunn Park Trails 9 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 5 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trail 8 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 4 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 3 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 1 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 2 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 6 (Delaware)
Hunn Park Trails 7 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #1 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #5 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #6 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #2 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #3 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #4 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #8 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #9 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #7 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #10 (Delaware)
St. Jones River Greenway Trail Series #11 (Delaware)
Night Writing . . . Improved! (Delaware)

Sunday 2017-02-12:

Delivery to the daycare (Maryland)
GR - Corral (Maryland)
Saint Valentine – The Massacre (Maryland)
Saint Valentine – The Man (Maryland)
Saint Valentine – The Madness (Maryland)
EX.T Do you smell gas? (Maryland)
EX.T A New Hope (Maryland)
EX.T Bushed (Maryland)
EX.T Down on the Farm (Maryland)
EX.T Chicken Wire (Maryland)
A Walk in the (Harbor View) Park (Maryland)
Tree (Maryland)
Don't worry be happy (Maryland)
Not on Target (Maryland)
Wind Tunnel (Maryland)
Humpty Dumpty (Maryland)

February 06 2017


Central Jersey (Plainsboro - Edison), NCC and Cecil

As long as it didn't snow, I could go to Central Jersey, and see more weird caches and hit the Chinese supermarket. So Saturday's trip was to Plainsboro, South Brunswick, Kendall Park, Franklin Township, Highland Park, and Edison. It was mostly a geocaching tour of suburban areas and small parks.

On Sunday, I remained relatively close to home to finish up some caches in Bear, Chesapeake City, Newark, Wilmington, and West Chester. There was a surreal cache in Iron Hill with plastic fruit. And there was another that's a stone heart. Some local history was featured too.

Saturday 2017-02-04:

There's No Place Like Home (New Jersey)
Parent's Taxi Service #7 (New Jersey)
O. A. B. 's First Hide (New Jersey)
Yoshi's 2nd hide (New Jersey)
Scenic Stream (New Jersey)
Another Sylvan Cache (New Jersey)
No Dumping III (New Jersey)
Sewercide XXIII (New Jersey)
Freedom Trail II (New Jersey)
"Support" Your Local Parks (New Jersey)
Sylvan Cache #3 (New Jersey)
Reichler Park Cache (New Jersey)
Peek-a-blue (New Jersey)
I Moustache You a Question (New Jersey)
Just Another Bison in an Evergreen Tree (New Jersey)
The Parakeet Suite (New Jersey)
Old Stage Rd Ain't what it used to be (New Jersey)
Van Liew-Suydam House Cache (New Jersey)
Franklin's Finest (New Jersey)
Allie's Alley (New Jersey)
Ring Ring...Hello? (New Jersey)
Ready for some football (New Jersey)
Native American Tribes - Navajo (New Jersey)
EBBL A-Field (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-02-05:

PLLP#2 (Delaware)
Enjoy A Gingerbread Cookie During Winter (Delaware)
Chesapeake City Road (Delaware)
Helen Titter Park (Maryland)
World's Heaviest LP Skirt! (Maryland)
Valentine's Day Cache (Maryland)
WIMY1: Do not eat! (Delaware)
The Castle Wall (Delaware)
Choose Your Sport (Delaware)
Camp DuPont (Delaware)
The Springs of Brandywine (Delaware)
Camp Mattahoon (Delaware)
The Heartless Giant (Delaware)
Not sliced bread (Delaware)
Nuts about Little Free Libraries! (Pennsylvania)

January 30 2017



Since it was Chinese New Year this weekend, I decided to head up to Central Jersey since there were more Chinese groceries and restaurants up that way with new year goodies. On Saturday, I went to the South River and Old Bridge area. Although I got some geocaches in smaller parks in the area, I spent most of the day hiking around Phillips Preserve because that is where a bunch of "BC Mania" geocaches area located. Each "BC Mania" geocache is a bottle cap, but some of those were rather bizarre / creative. At the end of the day, I went to a Kam Man, an Asian grocer, in Edison. There are such grocers closer to home too, but none with such curiousities as cartoon bun.

Sunday's trip was to the Princeton / South Brunswick area (including East and West Windsor, Princeton Junction, and Plainsboro) because I wanted to attend the "Time for an intervention-10 Yrs and still caching" geocaching event in South Brunswick. It was for JimmyG's 10-year geocaching anniversary. (I'm already past the 15-year mark myself.) This area had some more -- how shall we say -- unusual caches, including a sneaker cache and a hospital sample jar cache. Not to worry though. I don't think that was really urine in the sample jar! There was also a bit of good walking, despite some rough spots. After hanging around at the event for a little while, I went to Penang in West Windsor for yee sang. That's a dish of raw fish with colorful vegetables, noodles and stuff, a Chinese New Year tradition from the old country.

Saturday 2017-01-28:

Somewhere InBetween (New Jersey)
small woods in south river (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Zomp (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Yellow (New Jersey)
SideShow Bob (New Jersey)
Cache The Rainbow: Xanadu (New Jersey)
O.B.P.B. (New Jersey)
BC Mnaia #97 (New Jersey)
Apu Hide (New Jersey)
BC Mania #94 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #71 (New Jersey)
Maggie Hide (New Jersey)
Team Jaguar Character Cache #1 "Ron Swanson" (New Jersey)
BC Mania #68 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #65 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #99 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #61 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #62 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #63 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #70 (New Jersey)
BC Mania #67 (New Jersey)
Home (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-01-29:

Lucky Star (New Jersey)
(Troop 70913) generalsquawkingbear (New Jersey)
Cranbury Cranberry (New Jersey)
Cranberry Tree (New Jersey)
Cranbury Care Bear (New Jersey)
fore (New Jersey)
SMOKEY BEAR (New Jersey)
Silly Band Trading Post (New Jersey)
Timeless (New Jersey)
Parent's Taxi Service #6 (New Jersey)
The Honey Bear (New Jersey)
Fallin' for ya (New Jersey)
That's not a regular batting cage (New Jersey)
Pirates of Crocodile Swamp (New Jersey)
Food Junction (New Jersey)
Turtle Bridge 2 (New Jersey)
Maintenance Mayhem (New Jersey)
Do Not Block Gate Violators Will Be Towed (New Jersey)
West Windsor Playing Fields (New Jersey)
Adding One from Me to the Park (New Jersey)
Leave A Sample (New Jersey)
My 25th New Jersey Hide (New Jersey)
Bring Your Winning Smile (New Jersey)
Time for an intervention-10 Yrs and still caching (New Jersey)

January 23 2017


Rainy Weekend

The weekend was two whole days of foggy and damp weather. It rained a bit more on Sunday than on Saturday. On Saturday, I returned to the same area in South Jersey as the previous trip to finish off more of the caches I didn't have time for before. Went to Mullica Hill, Deptford, Marlton, and Voorhees. I got more caches in built-up areas because I knew wooded areas would be wet and muddy, although I did take a bit of a walk for "New Jersey Hangman Cache #1: Constellations" and "Over the hills". The most interesting location was the labyrinth at "Labyrinth in Cherry Hill" and the strange object of the day was a plastic torpedo, which turned out to not be the cache even though it was very near the cache site. "This Cache Really Blows!" was the last find of the day only because I had to return at night for it. It is located right next to a Wawa air pump that is constantly in use during the daytime. Sometimes you just have to come back later for a cache.

Sunday's trip was to the Baltimore area, specifically Middle River, Essex, Parkville, and Towson. The caches were mostly new ones, although there were two, "Coffee Break" and "Illumination", that were missing on my previously but have recently been replaced.

Saturday 2017-01-21:

Honoring Mortimer (New Jersey)
I climbed a tree.... Kind of. (New Jersey)
Hat Trick 9-Stauffer Fields (New Jersey)
If you water it (New Jersey)
Labyrinth in Cherry Hill (New Jersey)
Geocaching Merit Badge (New Jersey)
The Super Series #1 (New Jersey)
A New Years Day Cache (New Jersey)
Happy 18th Birthday, AuntKaren (New Jersey)
Downward Dog (New Jersey)
Cookies - Yum!!! (New Jersey)
Over the hills (New Jersey)
New Jersey Hangman Cache #1: Constellations (New Jersey)
Bottom of the 9th (New Jersey)
02/29/2016 (New Jersey)
O.F.T.B #2 (New Jersey)
Lucky 7 (New Jersey)
This Cache Really Blows! (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-01-22:

Arithmetic 104 (Delaware)
Drain to the Alley (Maryland)
MR.T Blue & Silver (Maryland)
BEWARE of Bowtruckles! (Maryland)
Bodega Lampara (Maryland)
EX.T Crabs (Maryland)
EX.T Pinkeye (Maryland)
EX.T Liberty (Maryland)
Four of Us (Maryland)
Welcome to Linover Park (Maryland)
Under The Bridge (Maryland)
Not A Typical Hide (Maryland)
Along a Busy Road (Maryland)
Bully's and Jerks (Maryland)
GR#1 (Maryland)
Coffee Break (Maryland)
Bah Humbug! (Maryland)
Illumination (Maryland)

January 18 2017


Southern Delaware, Mays Landing / Egg Harbor Township / Northfield, Logan / Oaklyn / Pennsauken

Saturday's trip was in-state to the south. There was a bit of snow in the weather forecast but it turned out to be merely a rainy day. The goal was to find a set of 4 puzzle caches around Dover and Camden, although later, I continued farther south to Seaford, Woodland, and Laurel. The most interesting themed cache of the day was a money bag. It's from the story in the description of "Lassie Knows Best".

Sunday's trip was an expansion farther east in deep South Jersey towards Atlantic City. There were caches in Bridgeton, Mays Landing, Estelle Manor, Egg Harbor Township and Northfield. Most unusual cache of the day was a weathered-look skull in Egg Harbor Township. Despite this being an above-average day of winter geocaching, the real story of the day was Munzee. I saw that the town of Northfield was packed with those and captured enough to make it my first day with 10K points!

Had the day off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, so I decided to attend the "FLIPPING SERIOUSLY 5 YEARS?" geocaching event in Oaklyn. The event was to celebrate Forbez's 5-year geocaching streak. That is a very impressive accomplishment because the most number of days in a row I've gone caching was 67 and I thought that was already pretty hard. Two notable geocaches of the day were a snake on a piece of wood and a frog on a stump.

Saturday 2017-01-14:

St George's Cemetery (Delaware)
Scytale (Delaware)
Lassie Knows Best (Delaware)
The Pretty Secure but Not Unbreakable Cipher (Delaware)
Turn Turn Turn (Delaware)
"Over The Top" (Delaware)
Dry Land ? (Delaware)
Mr. Woodpecker (Delaware)
A Birthday Wish (Delaware)
I Walk the Line (Delaware)
Down By the Old Mill Stream (Delaware)
Quail (Delaware)
The Graffiti Zone (Delaware)

Sunday 2017-01-15:

R.R.S.S (New Jersey)
Keeper of the Guard (New Jersey)
The Turtle King (New Jersey)
West side park cache (New Jersey)
Just another cemetery cache (New Jersey)
Which Direction to Camden? (New Jersey)
The Planet of Oz (New Jersey)
$621.21-Bargaintown (New Jersey)
First Woman Mayor in NJ (New Jersey)
Atlantic County Park TB Hotel (New Jersey)
Jersey Shore Council BSA (EM) (New Jersey)
Ground Glass (New Jersey)
Steelman Tavern (New Jersey)
Meet Me At The "Y" (New Jersey)
Take Your Vitamins (New Jersey)
My Kia Treed A Bear! (New Jersey)
Save Money Live Better (New Jersey)
1st fam15 (New Jersey)
"LaZZZZZy or CraZZZZy" (New Jersey)
Unmarked Grave (New Jersey)
Running through a cemitary (New Jersey)
Cup Cake (New Jersey)
Silver Bowl (New Jersey)
Pumped Up!! (New Jersey)
VFW cache (New Jersey)
BP - Mudwhore's Evil Laboratory (New Jersey)

Monday 2017-01-16:

Ya Filthy Animal (New Jersey)
Deck the Halls (New Jersey)
Toadally Awesome Dude (New Jersey)
Reflective Makenavin (New Jersey)
Aunt Jane's House (New Jersey)
Shamma Lamma (New Jersey)
Don't Spend Too Much "Cache" (New Jersey)
Ode To The "Twp." Hide (New Jersey)
An Educational Ride (New Jersey)
I Like Turtles! (New Jersey)
Sympathy For The Simple (New Jersey)
Stairway to Heaven (New Jersey)
Slim's Ranch Treasures (New Jersey)
to walk a straight line (New Jersey)
Quckie at the Cooper (New Jersey)
Lucky Number 7 (New Jersey)
The Hidden Cove (New Jersey)
Rocky Road Fix (New Jersey)

January 09 2017


Snow weekend - DelCo, Plymouth Meeting, North Wales, Lower Providence, Franconia, Perkasie

It was snowing lightly on Saturday morning but there was enough time to get a few geocaches and take a short walk on a snowy bike path in Brookhaven before the heavier stuff started coming down.

By Sunday, the snow had stopped. Roads were okay, although most parking areas hadn't been cleared. I figured a thin layer of snow would not shut down most park parking areas, so I hit the cache factory area. (Plymouth Meeting, Lower Providence, North Wales, Franconia, and Perkasie this time) Didn't have many caches on the list -- mostly a bunch of new caches and a few that I skipped over or could not find on previous trips -- but winter conditions didn't really allow for a lot of driving around. Since temperatures had been in the 20s and below for a while, there were a lot of ice cascades but hopefully no dootie. "anatidaephobia" was one that I couldn't find previously because it was missing. I made another attempt since it's in the same park as one of the new caches. Thank goodness it was findable this time despite being at ground level and very small. That spot happened to be on the side of the log with less snow.

January 02 2017


New Year's Weekend

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day fall on the weekend this time but I had Friday off too. Friday's trip was to Lancaster County since I hadn't been there in a while. Tried to get a few more geocaches on the Manheim and Mount Joy side of the county since I'd skipped those on previous trips. The most interesting location was the circle of rocks, like a small Stonehenge, in Manheim.

Saturday's trip was first to Morgantown, to finish the "Morgantown Overlook" multi-cache. I got the first 3 stages last weekend but I could not complete it then because it got dark. After that, I hit the Reading, Leesport, and Lenhartsville areas with a stop in the oddly-named Virginville. For the day, there were some unusual caches and a mysterious stone artifact.

And finally, Sunday's outing was to Hammonton, Egg Harbor City, Laureldale, and Mays Landing in South Jersey. I hadn't been to that area in quite a long time so there were lots of new caches. The view of Lake Lenape in Mays Landing was pretty clear on a winter's day.

Friday 2016-12-30:

John Book and the phone booth (Pennsylvania)
Inside The Red Box (Pennsylvania)
Hemlock Haven (Pennsylvania)
A Long Time Coming (Pennsylvania)
A Christmas Cache (Pennsylvania)
Reading is FUNdamental! (Pennsylvania)
Dancing Troll (Pennsylvania)
The Cassie Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Cassie Reserve (Pennsylvania)
Цвинтар - Witness Park Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Hole Lotta Fun (Pennsylvania)
There are a hole lot of trees here... (Pennsylvania)
Logan Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
BR & CR - Repeater - Don't fly by (Pennsylvania)
BR - Insideout (Pennsylvania)
Weighty Responsibilities (Pennsylvania)
CLUE TOO: #18 Gamepiece (Pennsylvania)
The Elizabethtown White Box (Pennsylvania)

Saturday 2016-12-31:

Morgantown Overlook (Pennsylvania)
STOP , they are not candy canes (Pennsylvania)
Baby mamarmoset (Pennsylvania)
Duncan's canal (Pennsylvania)
BYE: Year 5 (Pennsylvania)
Just For The Numbers (Pennsylvania)
Leesport Multi (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXIII (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - XIX (Pennsylvania)
365-600 (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. XXV (Pennsylvania)
A Little PA Dutch (Pennsylvania)
crystal church (Pennsylvania)
sunday school (Pennsylvania)
Lying In Wait - XI (Pennsylvania)
143 & I-78 (Pennsylvania)
Do or Donat (Pennsylvania)
Ron's Love Redux (Pennsylvania)
Pinnacle Ridge Winery (Pennsylvania)
Stethophyma grossum (Pennsylvania)
BSA Troop 101 Kutztown Merit Badge Series #2 (Pennsylvania)
One For the Truckers (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2017-01-01:

AFGC-Espresso#11 Hometown Cache (New Jersey)
Left or Right….Or below? (New Jersey)
Camo Cache (New Jersey)
Penny for your Thoughts (New Jersey)
Guardian of the River Revisited (New Jersey)
Dont knock over my tee (New Jersey)
out of a toddlers reach (New Jersey)
Put your lips together and blow (New Jersey)
Campfire77 hits 2000 (New Jersey)
Dragon Slayer (New Jersey)
Flash in the Woods (New Jersey)
Lightly Guarded (New Jersey)
Cedar on Holly (New Jersey)
Express Grab (New Jersey)
Just a walk away (New Jersey)
Soccer Log (New Jersey)
West Side of Laureldale (New Jersey)
Laureldale Pit Stop (New Jersey)
Rescue Me (New Jersey)
Lenape S Turn (New Jersey)
View of Lake Lenape (New Jersey)
War Memorial Park (New Jersey)
Fishin Hole (New Jersey)
Lake Lenape Hidey Hole (New Jersey)
Harding Lakes 1 (New Jersey)
Sandwash Trail 1 (New Jersey)

December 28 2016


Christmas Weekend - Cache Factory Area, Horseshoe Trail, French Creek, Hot Chocolate Flash Mob

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fell on a weekend this year but I took Monday off to make it a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to the area around Norristown, Lower/Upper Gwynedd, North Wales, and Colmar, where remarkably, there was still quite a bit of cache placement activity going on. The "phobia" series of caches was once again entertaining and disturbing, as one can see from this baby head, which was the "Pediophobia" cache. Since my itinerary wasn't too packed, I took a chance to do the two mile-long hikes on either side of the Gwynedd Nature Preserve.

Sunday's trip started with a long hike on the Horseshoe Trail for 9 geocaches. After that, I went to French Creek State Park, which I'd never visited before, for JQ004 - French Creek, a 15-year-old cache! It's in remarkably good shape despite its age. Just a bit rusty along the edges. Handheld GPSes weren't as good back then so the original coordinates were somewhat off. Fortunately, someone posted better coordinates in a recent cache log and I used those to cut down the search.

On Monday, I hit the areas to the North and Northeast of Baltimore again to get some caches that I hadn't had time for on previous trips. I visited the Jerusalem Mill section of Gunpowder Falls State Park, where the covered bridge stands. Elsewhere, in Parkville, there were a few neat caches, like Leaping Lizards. (although leaping was not recommended because it's up on a wall) In the evening, I went to the "Aint The Chocolate Hot Flash Mob # 8 Straight!" geocaching event at the Hunt Valley Towne Centre. It's an annual event but this is the first time I attended. Although it's an outdoor event during the winter, it was kind of nice by the fireplace and holiday light decorations.

Saturday 2016-12-24:

Submechanophobia (Pennsylvania)
Building 50 Blues (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break VI (Pennsylvania)
Ornithophobia (Pennsylvania)
Trypophobia (Pennsylvania)
Pediophobia (Pennsylvania)
Pendulaphobia (Pennsylvania)
Zayman (Pennsylvania)
Fenceaphobia-A tribute to Taxman (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [1.5/1.5] Starbase N.E.S.T. (Pennsylvania)
CONGRATULATIONS Hank15 on your 10,000th find! (Pennsylvania)
Wetlands at Work (Pennsylvania)
Hornbaker's Top 20 Finders Redux (Pennsylvania)
Yet Another Spring Valley Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for the Streak Keepers (Pennsylvania)
Hydrophobia (Pennsylvania)
Dine on 309 (Pennsylvania)
What A Wonderful Area IX (Pennsylvania)
Put Your Hand in the Crotch (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-12-25:

Gateway to the Horseshoe Trail (Pennsylvania)
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (Pennsylvania)
Check Out the Woods (Pennsylvania)
See Any Rocks? (Pennsylvania)
50 Candles In The Wind (Pennsylvania)
The Sanctuary (Pennsylvania)
From Triplets to Twins (Pennsylvania)
Glacial Relic (Pennsylvania)
Another Oak Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Happy Caching! (Pennsylvania)
Scott's Run (Pennsylvania)
JQ004 - French Creek (Pennsylvania)
Scott's Run #2 (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2016-12-26:

Deception: Christmas (Maryland)
Ranger Rick's Jerusalem Mill: Gunpowder State Park (Maryland)
Bear's Den (Maryland)
Janis's Treasure Chest (Maryland)
Just another Church (Maryland)
Ridin' the Storm Out (Maryland)
Hanging out near all the Rollers (Maryland)
Fireball (Maryland)
Leaping Lizards (Maryland)
Hearts-A-Flutter (Maryland)
Cub Pack 161 (Maryland)
Your Furst Cache (Maryland)
Lake Montebello Pumphouse (Maryland)
Aint The Chocolate Hot Flash Mob # 8 Straight! (Maryland)

December 22 2016


Local and Long Neck

Saturday morning's weather was ice pellets followed by rain. It's the kind of weather that didn't encourage traveling out too far, so I stayed local and geocached around Middletown, Odessa, and Wilmington. The last cache, "Not Your Typical History Lesson", was a 17-stage multi in a cemetery near downtown Wilmington. It was the perfect day to get that done since I had the whole afternoon for it and walking around a cemetery with an umbrella is no problem. The only issue was I had to brush some ice off of some of the tombs to get the information, but once I had the numbers from the first 16 stages, the final stage was an easy find.

On Sunday, I took a trip out farther to Southern Delaware to get some caches in an area I didn't get a chance to check out on my last few trips there. I got a few caches in Georgetown, more in Long Neck, and a half dozen in Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island to end the day.

December 12 2016


Christmas Coffee Cup Clash / NJ Christmunz Party and NE Baltimore

Saturday was a big day because I had a combined geocaching and Munzee event in Allentown, NJ. The geocaching event was "Christmas Coffee Cup Clash" and the Munzee event was "NJ Christmunz Party". Both were held at the same time in the NJ Fire Museum office. The museum wasn't actually open for visitors yet but we had permission to enter and view the exhibits during the event. They have antique teletype equipment on display in the office and vintage fire trucks in the barn. Anyway, I've been to lots of geocaching events before but this was my first Munzee event. Munzee took center stage this time. There were a lot of codes to capture in the building and out on the museum grounds. There was also an Eventzee scavenger hunt. It was a cold day so thankfully most of the scavenger hunt items were available in the fire museum office.

After the event, I went geocaching in Crosswicks, Wrightstown, Cookstown, and New Egypt. The area is mostly small towns and countryside. Fortunately, there wasn't any hunting going on at the Crosswicks Greenway, so I was able to take a walk around the pond. There were also cows in Cookstown and hairy tree lumps in New Egypt.

Sunday's trip was to Glasgow, Edgewood, Middle River, Rosedale, Overlea, Parkville, and Towson, going from Northeast Baltimore to North Baltimore. I'd been to the area not so long ago but there were enough caches that I wasn't able to get to on previous trips to make a full day. Now that the foliage is down, it was the perfect opportunity to go for "Clayton Road Park Bushwack". There were a few other wooded areas that were dense and would've been a problem in the summer too. "Carmaggedon" was the interesting cache site of the day. It's at the top of a parking garage in Towson with free parking. Hardly anyone uses that parking garage on the weekend so it was fun to drive round and round all the way up.

Saturday 2016-12-10:

A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIV (New Jersey)
Christmas Coffee Cup Clash (New Jersey)
Don't Fence Me In (New Jersey)
#2 Crosswicks Greenway – Fishing Hole (New Jersey)
Cache of Happiness (New Jersey)
#3 Crosswicks Greenway – Solitude (New Jersey)
#4 Crosswicks Greenway – What a view (New Jersey)
#5 Crosswicks Greenway – El Diablo (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIII (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXVIII (New Jersey)
A.C.W.A.C. NOT! XXIX (New Jersey)
609 (New Jersey)
We Salute You: Wrightstown (New Jersey)
North Run Tributary (New Jersey)
Rubber meets the road (New Jersey)
R 'n' J (New Jersey)
Plumsted Recreation Park (New Jersey)
Petticoat Bridge (New Jersey)

Sunday 2016-12-11:

Buddy (Delaware)
Geocaching ROCKS! (Delaware)
Old Man in the Woods (Delaware)
Skull and Bones #7 (Maryland)
Skull and Bones #9 (Maryland)
SF CND (Maryland)
SF CND 2 (Maryland)
This Cache Has Crabs!!! (Maryland)
The Lion Puzzle Cache (Maryland)
Hazel Would (Maryland)
Wash Away My Sins (Maryland)
Be Glad You Don't Have to Mow the Lawn! (Maryland)
Parkwood Cemetery - Pile of Sticks (Maryland)
Handle With Care (Maryland)
ɡärdrāl (Maryland)
Towson Tree Time (Maryland)
Shopping again? (Maryland)
Carmaggedon (Maryland)
1134 (Maryland)

December 05 2016


Northern Edge, Lake Towhee, Memory Lane

Saturday's geocache outing was to Exeter, Fleetwood, Lyons, Bowers, Topton, Maxatawny, and Breinigsville, pretty much at the Northern edge of my range. (for now) The caches were all rather conventional, except for the cat and the ten commandments tablet. What's amazing about this area is the way some caches don't get stolen even if one might think those are way too obvious. "Falling Forrest", for instance, is a regular-sized cache that is near a road, just sitting on the grass in an open area. There are notes in the log book from people who have found it by accident.

Sunday's trip was to Quakertown, with the intention of hitting Lake Towhee and Memory Lane. (SGL 157) Geocaching around Lake Towhee was somewhat of a dud. I noticed that the first few geocaches were not in hiding spots that the coordinates, hints, and log entries all clearly pointed to. I tried all the other caches around the lake and they were likewise not to be found. It looked like the work of someone who had a vendetta against this particular cache owner because I did find one cache placed by someone else that was still safely in place. After that, I moved on to State Game Lands 157 and had better luck there. It's the area that Taxman calls Memory Lane because he used to go hunting and target shooting there in his younger days. Now, he has a bunch of caches there.

Saturday 2016-12-03:

L.I.W. - XXVII (Pennsylvania)
B.S. XVIII (Pennsylvania)
L.I.W. - XXXV (Pennsylvania)
Where Little Phillies Grow (Pennsylvania)
eleventh Commandment (Pennsylvania)
Hang me (Pennsylvania)
Pine EEE (Pennsylvania)
Catch Of The Day (Pennsylvania)
Meadow Cat (Pennsylvania)
Llama My Momma! (Pennsylvania)
Horse Crazy (Pennsylvania)
Falling Forrest (Pennsylvania)
This used to be our playground (Pennsylvania)
Very Official Geocache! (Pennsylvania)
B.S. XI (Pennsylvania)
Ash's Elbow (Pennsylvania)
Pop the Top! (Pennsylvania)
Weiss Rd (Pennsylvania)
As the Traffic Really Goes Whizzing By...... (Pennsylvania)
Caching at the rail (Pennsylvania)
Little Red Riding Hood at the Movies (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-12-04:

Main Street Park (Pennsylvania)
NHL Series: "The Detroit Red Wings" (Pennsylvania)
towhee's dry side (Pennsylvania)
Liberty's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #3 (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #2 (Pennsylvania)
Memory Lane Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)

November 29 2016


Thanksgiving Weekend - The 4-Days 4-Directions Tour

I had a 4-day weekend. This time, I decided to go a different direction each day even though I thought some areas had enough for more than a day of geocaching. So there was a variety of environments, terrain, and geocache placement styles. Common thread throughout the weekend is there wasn't enough daylight to do more than the quickest, simplest caches but I mixed in some short and medium hikes in places where there were several caches along the same trail.

Thursday's trip was southwest to Maryland via US-1 to Rising Sun, Bel Air, and Jacksonville. The donut was an unusual character. The hike of the day was in the Sweet Air section of Gunpowder State Park. This area had two challenge caches. I had doubts about one of the two (difficulty/terrain grid bingo) but it turned out that I qualified in 3 different ways. I ran short of daylight on this one and wasn't able to get to the mystery caches in the deepest part of the woods, so maybe next time.

Friday's trip was southeast to South Jersey in the areas of Woodstown, Franklin, Sicklerville, and Williamstown. The hike of the day was at Owens Park in Monroe Township. It had been renamed "Mystery Park" and now sports a series of 7 puzzle caches. None of those puzzles were difficult but it's nice to have some non-traditional caches.

Saturday's trip was northwest to Pottstown, Sanatoga, Pottsgrove, and Amityville. I noticed that cachers in this area have started placing tricky caches, but fortunately I've seen those tricks before. Only the first one took longer to find because I didn't expect that kind of hide in the Pottstown area. Experience is not always helpful. You may have seen it before but you still figure out somehow that it's what you need to look for.

Sunday's trip was northeast to North Wales, Doylestown, and Quakertown. The hike of the day was in Covered Bridge Park, New Britain, for a group of 3 caches. I did also make it to Peace Valley Park, but it was late in the afternoon by then so I had to limit my scope to 3 caches that weren't far from two of the parking areas.

Thursday 2016-11-24:

Little league Cache (Maryland)
Ump35 & Bee's D/T BINGO Challenge (Maryland) (Maryland)
Ump35 & Bee's Calendar Challenge Cache (Maryland)
Riley's Fantastic Cache (Maryland)
Kiki's Marvelous Cache (Maryland)
Dem Donuts (Maryland)
Round and Round She Goes... (Maryland)
Forever Alone (Maryland)
BTC-Sweet Air #1 (Maryland)
Cody Jean (Maryland)
Ranger Rick's Sweet Air Pines: Gunpowder StatePark (Maryland)
Beat the Clock-Sweet Air (Maryland)
Sweet Air at 3:00 (Maryland)
Adding O2 to the Sweet Air (Maryland)
Jacksonville #2 (Maryland)
Donner (Donder) (Maryland)
Find the coffee (Maryland)

Friday 2016-11-25:

Murphy is hiding (New Jersey)
Go GREEN (New Jersey)
The Orange Park (New Jersey)
Big Guns (New Jersey)
Just a Plain-ville Cache (New Jersey)
FTPL#1: Why Did the Cacher Cross the Road? (New Jersey)
Clear Cut Cache (New Jersey)
Somewhere in the Middle (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #5 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #6 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #7 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park Multi (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #3 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #2 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #1 (New Jersey)
Mystery Park #4 (New Jersey)
Pirates booty (New Jersey)
O.F.T.B #4 (New Jersey)

Saturday 2016-11-26:

Pete and RePete's 1st Cache (Pennsylvania)
Queen of Mystery (Pennsylvania)
Where's the money (Pennsylvania)
GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 2 (Pennsylvania)
GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 3 (Pennsylvania)
Hole In One (Pennsylvania)
422 VIEW (Pennsylvania)
Rock Bottom (Pennsylvania)
Cornerstone's Little Library (Pennsylvania)
Along Hole #5 (Pennsylvania)
Paul's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Manatawny Creek View (Pennsylvania)
Backside View (Pennsylvania)
Keep Your Head In The Clouds (Pennsylvania)
One Or Five (Pennsylvania)
I've got my Chanisaw... (Pennsylvania)
St. Pauley's Girl (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-11-27:

Thanatophobia (Pennsylvania)
Aichmophobia (Pennsylvania)
Cervidaephobia (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break V (Pennsylvania)
Bancophobia (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for greenducks (and you) to Drive to (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for *beentheredonethat* (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Sure and Begorrah! (Pennsylvania)
Taphophilia (Pennsylvania)
Hey, Another Ball Field Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Hornbaker Should Have Put One Here (Pennsylvania)
Another Spring Valley Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Nature Trail (Pennsylvania)
Covered Bridge Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hope This Halloween Is Bigger Then The Last (Pennsylvania)
I'm Free! (Pennsylvania)
A Very Tacky Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Dam Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Cubby's Wet Feet (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break III (Pennsylvania)
Erotophobia (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Quakertown (Pennsylvania)

November 22 2016


Honey Brook, East Earl and Shady Maple; Florence

Saturday was the day I tackled the group of 10 geocaches in Birch Run Preserve in the Coatesville area. The first cache nearest the parking area was "Barkley's First Shed", a Wherigo. I figured the Wherigo cartridge would take me pretty much all over the park, so I kept that running while I found the other caches along the way. Incidentally, "shed" here refers to a cast off deer antler, not a small storage structure. Barkley is a dog so until I got partway through the cartridge and saw that the shed was a deer antler, I was wondering what he wanted with a wooden hut! Anyway, doing both the regular geocaches and the Wherigo at the same time worked beautifully, even if I had to make two big detours for geocaches that were somewhat off from the main trail. All in all, the whole hike took about two hours, leaving plenty of time to get more geocaches around Honey Brook, Narvon, East Earl and New Holland before it got dark.

The last stop of the day and dinner was at Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl. Shady Maple is the biggest buffet hall in the area and I'd always been intrigued by this enormous building, a Mecca of Overeating, that rises above the Amish countryside. I felt that I had to experience it at least once and since I was in the area, I went in. The place was packed! There were lines of people, like at an amusement park, just waiting to check in to the buffet. Past the cash registers, it was an old-time affair with curious dioramas and 3-D paintings. Shady Maple boasts of 200 feet of food but it's actually 100 feet of food repeated twice. The first 100 feet of buffet tables is a mirror image of the other 100 feet. I preferred the grilling stations though. I thought the crab cakes were the best but I sampled the seafood and meats from all the grilling stations. Of course, I saved some room for salad (with bacon dressing!) and dessert, which was ice cream cake! Anyway, I thought it was a worthwhile experience but maybe next time, avoid going there on a Saturday evening. I was told that the crowd isn't as bad on other nights.

Sunday's plan was fairly simple. I went geocaching up the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, through Pennsauken, Riverside, Palmyra, Willingboro, and Burlington, towards Florence, where I would end the day at the "Fall Get Together 2016" geocaching event. There was some good river scenery and a nice visit to the Palmyra Cove Nature Center along the way.

Saturday 2016-11-19:

Unfinished Business (Pennsylvania)
Peony (Pennsylvania)
Fern Gully (Pennsylvania)
Sunflower (Pennsylvania)
Pansy (Pennsylvania)
Lily (Pennsylvania)
Keebler House (Pennsylvania)
Alstroemeria (Pennsylvania)
Lotus (Pennsylvania)
Free Cache (Pennsylvania)
Barkley's First Shed (Pennsylvania)
Final Exam (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #18 (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #17 (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #16 (Pennsylvania)
Bears Beware (Pennsylvania)
Church Mouse (Pennsylvania)
Harry Potter IHO #7 (Pennsylvania)
Violence or Violet? (Pennsylvania)
Fishing on the rail (Pennsylvania)
No Access (Pennsylvania)
the guardrail (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box # 15 (Pennsylvania)
Nolt's Fish n Skate (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-11-20:

Nope. (New Jersey)
Eye hole deep in muddy waters (New Jersey)
McClellan Avenue Cache! (New Jersey)
My First Dive (New Jersey)
What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? (New Jersey)
Dip In Road (New Jersey)
Beary Easy Access (New Jersey)
5th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (New Jersey)
Welkcome to Palmyra Cove (New Jersey)
Horseless Head Man of Palymra Cove (New Jersey)
Bat Up (New Jersey)
Tree Hugger on the Bank (New Jersey)
Hanging By The Creek @544 (New Jersey)
East Side Pocket Park (New Jersey)
Just a Plane Hide (New Jersey)
Nothing Rhymes With Orange (New Jersey)
Est.1917 (New Jersey)
Close (New Jersey)
Reuse, Reduce and Recharge (New Jersey)
Sweetwater Park (New Jersey)
Fall Get Together 2016 (New Jersey)

November 15 2016


Half of the Longest Geocache

After finishing off a few new geocaches in Pike Creek and Hockessin on Saturday, I went to Kennett Square, Marlborough, Unionville, Downingtown, and West Brandywine, generally heading northwards through Chester County. I hadn't been up that way in a while and so I took the opportunity to finally get some of those caches that were placed for an event months ago that I didn't attend. I also finally finished a few Wherigo caches. "Poker Run #2 2016" was one that I only noticed that day, but I downloaded the Wherigo cartridge using mobile data and it was a quick solve. (Only one question about poker hands!) "MEET EAT & GREET" was a far more difficult Wherigo but I'd already solved it 6 months ago and still had the coordinates and notes I needed to find the cache. Although the area is hilly, there were a number of scenic ponds and lakes, such as Broad Run Pond and Chambers Lake.

The real purpose of Sunday's trip was to get "Halfway! (to Delaware's Longest Geocache)" in Central Delaware. It's a long walk on an old road out into a marsh. I found Delaware's Longest Geocache a few years ago and that was 2.6 miles from parking, so halfway would be roughly 1.3 miles. There were two other caches along the way but for the most part, it was a long walk in a quiet area with a bit of variation in scenery. Aside from that, I also found clusters of geocaches in Glasgow, Milford, and Seaford. The caches down by Seaford were somewhat amusing. There was a wolf geocache, a rat cache, a pumpkin cache, and a cache on a giant chair.

Saturday 2016-11-12:

Hanging Out in Limestone Hills, Again (Delaware)
Rockin' Around the Tree (Delaware)
Timber! (Pennsylvania)
Recovery! (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run #2 2016 (Pennsylvania)
URA Center Field HR (Pennsylvania)
Unionville Community Park Troll (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run#1 2016 (Pennsylvania)
The Main Drain (Pennsylvania)
Cole's cache #2 "Shadyside Park" (Pennsylvania)
Pond Loop @ BRP (Pennsylvania)
Poker Run #5 2016 (Pennsylvania)
Wild Turkeys (Pennsylvania)
MEET EAT & GREET (Pennsylvania)
WB1 (Pennsylvania)
WB3 (Pennsylvania)
HP Mansion (Pennsylvania)
HP Fiddlers Rocks (Pennsylvania)
HP Fiddlers Stage (Pennsylvania)
HP Chambers Lake (Pennsylvania)
Sadsbury Woods Parking (Pennsylvania)
"Self Stored" Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2016-11-13:

Have You Heard Of Geocaching? (Delaware)
D.O.A. (Delaware)
Take a Hike! (Delaware)
Go Fish??? (Delaware)
Oreo Cows (Delaware)
Start Here (Delaware)
Half Way to Half Way (Delaware)
Halfway! (to Delaware's Longest Geocache?) (Delaware)
In to the light (Delaware)
No cookies here (Delaware)
Waterfall Cache (Delaware)
Brake in the middle of nowhere (Delaware)
Have You Seen Red Riding Hood? (Delaware)
Where Pumpkins Fly (Delaware)
'Round and 'Round They Go (Delaware)
You've Got a Friend in Me (Delaware)
...and that's the truth, plbt plbt plbt (Delaware)
Tractor Song (Delaware)

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