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August 07 2017


South Jersey, Baltimore

Saturday's trip was to Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Willingboro in South Jersey. This area is pretty much inexhaustible for Munzee because the local Munzers keep deploying more of those. However, I wanted to capture some of the new air mysteries that they have deployed in Mount Laurel and Willingboro. These are fun. Capturing the virtual air mystery scatters some feather munzees in the vicinity. Capturing the feathers in turn scatters some golden feathers.

Sunday's trip was pretty simple. Went down I-95 from Newark to Baltimore, capturing Flagstack flags along the way. Found one geocache at the turnaround spot. Then from Baltimore back to Newark, I captured virtual munzees as well as some of the flags I missed on the way down. What's remarkable is the way Flagstack has grown recently. Just this quick there-and-back trip alone netted 258 flags! There are many more flags along the other roads around Baltimore but I decided to save those for another time. Finished up with a little walk on the James F Hall Trail in Newark for a few more munzees before an early dinner.

Saturday 2017-08-05:

1: Dragon Munzee #623 by winkide
2: Time Share Home Depot Room #4 by aufbau
3: Time Share Home Depot Room #2 by mding4gold
4: Time Share Home Depot Room #3 by POBowe
5: Time Share Home Depot by bitwiz
6: Home Depot by mding4gold
7: Sharknado by mding4gold
8: Home Depot Peas by mding4gold
9: Stop For Water by mding4gold
10: Water / Hydra Attractor by mding4gold
11: Here to Corner by mding4gold
12: Hydra Bait by mding4gold
13: Yeti Bait by mding4gold
14: Don't Even Think About Parking Here! by mding4gold
15: Here Dragon, Dragon, Dragon... by mding4gold
16: Play Indoors by aufbau
17: Yeti Bait by mding4gold
18: Faun Bait by mding4gold
19: Listen to the doctor by aufbau
20: Fire by mding4gold
21: Faun Bait by mding4gold
22: Listen to your wife by aufbau
23: Earth Bait by mding4gold
24: Stop For Unicorns 🦄 by mding4gold
25: Yeti Munzee #1353 by Maxi72
26: Batter Up by mding4gold
27: Barrington Fence by mding4gold
28: Fence gate post by SJClyde
29: Electrical Box by mding4gold
30: Hydra Munzee #910 by Adnshe
31: Coals For The Holidays by africacher
32: Zone Motel Room #1 by bitwiz
33: Zone Motel Room #2 by aufbau
34: Zone Motel Room #3 by QueenBee
35: Zone Motel Room #4 by mding4gold
36: Zone Motel Room #5 by SJClyde
37: Zone Motel by cptcranky
38: Yeti Munzee #1399 by TylerB
39: Lp by Keebs
40: Lp by aufbau
41: Gate post by SJClyde
42: Unicorn Munzee #253 by GunnerSteve
43: clay stop by q21701
44: Southern Mystery by Crowew01
45: Jersey Mikes Mystery by AL2NJ
46: T Mobil fire lane by Crowew01
47: Stop here for BOA by strawsolid6
48: Dragon Munzee #786 by Sasquatchman
49: Under silver on lp by aufbau
50: Generic Name by aufbau
51: lp by q21701
52: boro motel Room #1 by Keebs
53: boro motel Room #2 by Qwade
54: boro motel Room #3 by cptcranky
55: boro motel Room #4 by Killshot
56: boro motel Room #5 by abraithwaite908
57: boro motel by aufbau
58: LP at JFK by aufbau
59: NJ Air by nyisutter
60: Feather Munzee #2886 by virtuals
61: Feather Munzee #2887 by virtuals
62: trash diamond by aufbau
63: Feather Munzee #2885 by virtuals
64: mile 1 by aufbau
65: Golden Feather Munzee #2903 by virtuals
66: Golden Feather Munzee #2901 by virtuals
67: Golden Feather Munzee #2902 by virtuals
68: litter not by aufbau
69: Golden Feather Munzee #2900 by virtuals
70: Golden Feather Munzee #2904 by virtuals
71: Golden Feather Munzee #2905 by virtuals
72: Aufbau's feathers by Jeeper32
73: electric motel Room #1 by cptcranky
74: electric motel by aufbau
75: Willingboro Air Mystery by bitwiz
76: Feather Munzee #2948 by virtuals
77: Feather Munzee #2943 by virtuals
78: Feather Munzee #2942 by virtuals
79: Yeti Munzee #60 by Sivontim
80: Ice by aufbau
81: Unicorn Munzee #188 by scoutref
82: Green light 2 by aufbau
83: Senseless deploy by aufbau
84: Dead mall LP timeshare by aufbau
85: Dragon Munzee #372 by lupinchen
86: Dragon Bait 6 by bitwiz
87: A Windy Day in Moorestown by Aronk76
88: Feather Munzee #3058 by virtuals
89: also Mo 6/4/17 by aufbau
90: Golden Feather Munzee #3070 by virtuals
91: Golden Feather Munzee #3068 by virtuals
92: Moorestown 'mater by SJClyde
93: Mo 6/4/17 by aufbau
94: Feather Munzee #3056 by virtuals
95: Golden Feather Munzee #3069 by virtuals
96: Right in front for Cranky by aufbau
97: Leprechaun Munzee #574 by MNBuckeyeFan
98: Just visiting by Jeeper32
99: Unicorn Munzee #490 by Jafo43
100: Springdale 2 sham by bitwiz
101: Woodcrest Dino by mding4gold
102: Stop by aufbau

Sunday 2017-08-06:

1: 113/365 by haalitip
2: Wawa red by 1974gorilla
3: Another wawa by 1974gorilla
4: 95 Room #1 by bitwiz
5: 95 Room #2 by Keebs
6: 95 Room #3 by jfigel
7: 95 Room #4 by jafigel
8: 95 Room #5 by Jb850
9: 95 Room #6 by haalitip
10: 95 Room #7 by 1974gorilla
11: 95 Room #8 by cpmunz
12: 95 Room #9 by ivwarrior
13: 95 Room #10 by RonEdmiston
14: 95 Room #11 by LedaEkim
15: 95 Room #12 by Kaluria
16: 95 Room #13 by wanderings
17: 95 Room #14 by LadyCoconut
18: 95 Room #15 by HB31
19: 95 by aufbau
20: Virtual Munzee by haalitip
21: Virtual Munzee by haalitip
22: Surprise Munzee by haalitip
23: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #1 by BAJACLAN
24: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #2 by ahp42
25: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #3 by RangerTJ
26: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #4 by cachewhisperer
27: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #5 by cpmunz
28: Rnr 95/695 kenwood by rufnredy
29: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #1 by BAJACLAN
30: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #2 by ahp42
31: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #3 by RangerTJ
32: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #4 by cachewhisperer
33: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #5 by cpmunz
34: Rnr I95/695 rossville by rufnredy
35: I95 white Marsh VR Room #1 by BAJACLAN
36: I95 white Marsh VR Room #2 by ahp42
37: I95 white Marsh VR Room #3 by cachewhisperer
38: Rnr I95 white Marsh VR Room #4 by cpmunz
39: Rnr I95 white Marsh VR by rufnredy
40: Aberdeen Ripken Room #1 by BAJACLAN
41: Aberdeen Ripken Room #2 by ahp42
42: Aberdeen Ripken Room #3 by RangerTJ
43: Aberdeen Ripken Room #4 by cachewhisperer
44: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR Room #5 by cpmunz
45: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR Room #6 by Lisaeric2016
46: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR by rufnredy
47: Ripken Stadium by hksfarm
48: I-95 To GW XV Virtual by EagleDadandXenia
49: MVM White by Zoeyrox216
50: Safari Bus 95 Perryville by LilCrab
51: Quick Deploy By dollyfinn by dollyfinn
52: I-95 by aufbau
53: Hydra Munzee #178 by Nov64
54: F15 by codyhollowfarm
55: UD James F Hall trail by GmomS
56: It's a Beautiful Day! by TutTheGreat
57: UD Great day for a walk by GmomS
58: Newark Fire by GmomS
59: Newark walk this way by GmomS
60: Shark Invasion at Starbucks by Kareysue
61: Trev's Brewery Tour 2: Iron Hill Brewery by rlt006
62: Unicorn Munzee #262 by zeusi

July 25 2017


Laurel, Flagstack event, and South Jersey

Saturday's trip was to Laurel, Maryland, for the DMV Birthday Party Flagstack event. This event was in the late afternoon, so there was plenty of time to capture some Munzees and some flags, and even find 4 geocaches, before it was time to meet up. The only snag was a big rainstorm rolled through the area in the mid-afternoon. I was parked right in front of "Contee Cache" when the storm came in, so I had a good 15 minutes to think about this 4-star difficulty cache while waiting for the rain to slow to a drizzle. Great part is when I finally started looking, I had already read all the logs and narrowed the possibilities down quite a bit, so it took only 3 seconds to spot the cache!

The Flagstack event was really different from other events I'd attended so far. There were only 6 of us and we met in the parking lot of the Laurel Boys and Girls Club. (which used to be, and still looks like, a school building) After some conversation, we got in to DudleyGrunt's car for a whirlwind tour of Flagstack flags around Laurel. In contrast to Munzee, nearly all Flagstack flags are virtual. So all the passengers can capture those on their smartphones while someone drives around. We got nearly all the party flags (which had been deployed for the event), green flags, adventure flags, white flags, oracle flags, a dice flag, and even a number of jumper flags as they popped up around town. There was also one treasure flag, which was the only physical flag of the day. DudleyGrunt parked the car on the side of the road and we all got out to scan the data matrix. Most of those flag types are ones that I typically don't see anywhere else, so I'm glad there's at least one area within daytrip range with enough active Flagstack players to have those.

Sunday's trip was to South Jersey again. This time, I started in Atco and Berlin. One of the Munzee areas was around an abandoned Kmart. Not much was going on in that shopping center but it's perfect for Munzee activity because there's hardly any traffic. After that, I hit the usual hotspots - Woodcrest, Mount Laurel, Westampton, and Willingboro - before getting some groceries at the Asian food market and saladification at Charlie Brown's in Woodbury. Although it's a chain restaurant, this particular location is rather unusual. It is housed in an old-fashioned 18th century inn with all kinds of crazy narrow passageways and split levels. The dining area probably used to be the reading room or some such and still has bookcases on the wall.

Saturday 2017-07-22:

1: Dragon Munzee #556 by Juniorschleicher01
2: Yeti Munzee #276 by Brighteyes75
3: Salt and by aufbau
4: Dragon Munzee #857 by jfigel
5: Hot Shoppes Fire by theirishduo
6: My Guardian Angel Series 12 by DakodalovesTommy
7: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
8: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
9: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
10: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
11: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
12: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
13: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
14: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
15: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
16: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
17: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
18: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Fangirlbaconeater
19: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
20: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
21: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
22: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
23: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
24: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
25: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
26: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
27: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Fangirlbaconeater
28: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
29: Ripken Stadium by hksfarm
30: Submarine by DisneyScout
31: I95 RS Diamond by jfigel
32: Submarine by DisneyScout
33: I 95 Rest by ozzy1602
34: I 95 RS.Diamond by jfigel
35: Maryland Purple Heart Trail by DisneyScout
36: Sleepy Pilot by LadyCoconut
37: Horse by ozzy1602
38: Rest Stop Trash MD by bitwiz
39: I-95 & MD 198 VM by DudleyGrunt
40: Dragon Munzee #908 by dekaper
41: Activity Greenie 10 by jfigel
42: Faun Munzee #333 by Big100HD
43: jafigel Laurel Commuter 4 by jafigel
44: Commute 2 by ozzy1602
45: Laurel PNR 5 by jfigel
46: Sapphire Restaurant & Sports Bar by DisneyScout
47: Laurel shopping by Calvertcachers
48: Town Center Motel Room #1 by ozzy1602
49: Town Center Motel Room #2 by cpmunz
50: Town Center Motel Room #3 by jfigel
51: Town Center Motel Room #4 by Winsomesmile
52: Town Center Motel Room #5 by BAJACLAN
53: Town Center Motel by DudleyGrunt
54: Library RUM Geohobbies by jfigel
55: Jafigel Barn by jafigel
56: Laurel Walking Tour 08 by DudleyGrunt
57: Nando's by iamfull
58: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 5 by DudleyGrunt
59: Stanley's gum by iamfull
60: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 4 by DudleyGrunt
61: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 3 by DudleyGrunt
62: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 2 by DudleyGrunt
63: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 1 by DudleyGrunt
64: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
65: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
66: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
67: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
68: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
69: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
70: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
71: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
72: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
73: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
74: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
75: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
76: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
77: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
78: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
79: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
80: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
81: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
82: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
83: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
84: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
85: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
86: Muscle Car by ozzy1602
87: Dragon Munzee #106 by Shrewz
88: ROFO Queenstown Fire by jfigel
89: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
90: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
91: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
92: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
93: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
94: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
95: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
96: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
97: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
98: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
99: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
100: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
101: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
102: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
103: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
104: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
105: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
106: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
107: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
108: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
109: Virtual Resort Room #3 by Cyclist81550
110: Virtual Resort Room #4 by harmony25
111: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
112: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
113: Leprechaun Munzee #333 by ryves

Sunday 2017-07-23:

1: Beach Bound Virtual Resort by bitwiz
2: Atco Train Station Mystery Virtual Munzee by bitwiz
3: Atcu Muscle Car by SJClyde
4: Flat Rob Rides NJ Transit by Keebs
5: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
6: Faun Munzee #1393 by pesekjm
7: Faun Bait 5 by bitwiz
8: Atco train by bitwiz
9: Dragon Bait 1 by bitwiz
10: Lp by SJClyde
11: Atco Train 1 by bitwiz
12: Atco Train 2 by Keebs
13: Atco Train Station Motel Room #1 by wanderings
14: Atco Train Station Motel Room #2 by Kaluria
15: Atco Train Station Motel Room #3 by cptcranky
16: Atco Train Station Motel Room #4 by tugwake
17: Atco Train Station Motel Room #5 by svilen1975
18: Atco Train Station Motel by bitwiz
19: Lp by SJClyde
20: parking for commuters by aufbau
21: Atco Train 3 by bitwiz
22: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
23: Kmart Garden Center Berlin by bitwiz
24: Ice Mystery 11 by bitwiz
25: Once Kmart Berlin by bitwiz
26: Berlin Greenie by Keebs
27: Faun Bait 4 by bitwiz
28: Berlin greenie by Keebs
29: Berlin greenie by Keebs
30: Ice Mystery 10 by bitwiz
31: Once an Acme, Berlin by bitwiz
32: Acme Berlin 2 by bitwiz
33: Berlin greenie by Keebs
34: Faun Bait 2 by bitwiz
35: Dragon Bait 10 by bitwiz
36: Hydra Bait 1 by bitwiz
37: Faun Bait 3 by bitwiz
38: Rear Exit Acme Berlin by bitwiz
39: Ice Mystery 12 by bitwiz
40: Ice Mystery Kmart by bitwiz
41: Rear Exit Acme Berlin by bitwiz
42: Once an Acme, Berlin by bitwiz
43: Acme Berlin 2 by bitwiz
44: Dollar General Berlin by bitwiz
45: Pasta Vino Light Berlin by bitwiz
46: Once Kmart Berlin by bitwiz
47: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
48: Atco Train 1 by bitwiz
49: Atco Train 2 by Keebs
50: parking for commuters by aufbau
51: Wawa Rubzee by q21701
52: NJ Munzee by ThePacer
53: Wawa Light by bitwiz
54: Wawa by Bandyrooster
55: Wawa Motel Light Room #1 by wanderings
56: Wawa Motel Light Room #2 by cptcranky
57: Wawa Motel Light Room #3 by bellacandy
58: Wawa Motel Light Room #4 by UnNamed
59: Wawa Motel Light Room #5 by angryEMT
60: Wawa Motel Light by bitwiz
61: Hydra Munzee #142 by SandyL
62: WC lp 14 by aufbau
63: stop by aufbau
64: Faun Munzee #183 by jenks70
65: Bus Stop by mding4gold
66: Faun Munzee #1465 by kkmathes
67: Earth Bait by mding4gold
68: Greentree Gemini by cptcranky
69: GT ZODIAC by cptcranky
70: GT Taurus by cptcranky
71: 14 by cptcranky
72: Faun Munzee #648 by DeCoyote
73: lp by aufbau
74: Mt. Laurel CB #2 7/12 by aufbau
75: Mt. Laurel CB 7/12 by aufbau
76: My Laurel Corporate bacon by AL2NJ
77: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
78: Construction Vehicles Only Diamond by mding4gold
79: Midlantic Crossbow by aufbau
80: Martin's Time Share by bitwiz
81: Guardrail Diamond 🔹 by mding4gold
82: Dragon Munzee #1473 by rubaek
83: Westampton sports gatzee by Big100HD
84: Turf Rules by mding4gold
85: big lp by q21701
86: green eb by aufbau
87: Swamp view by cptcranky
88: Faun Munzee #954 by amnordblom
89: Kids park by Qwade
90: Twofer 2 (314) by Keebs
91: Dragon Munzee #1111 by emb021
92: Twofer 1 by aufbau
93: LP in the boro by aufbau
94: Stray RE Motel Room #1 by bellacandy
95: Stray RE Motel Room #2 by aufbau
96: Stray RE Motel Room #3 by TeamFreeman
97: Stray RE Motel Room #4 by NatureKlutz
98: Stray RE Motel Room #5 by cptcranky
99: Stray RE Motel by UnNamed
100: Yeti Stop by aufbau
101: Puggy In The Muddle by africacher
102: TC 3 by aufbau
103: Dragons Like to Read by aufbau
104: Reserved by NatureKlutz
105: Dragon Bait 3 by aufbau
106: Taco Taco 2 (302) by Keebs
107: taco taco by aufbau
108: Two for a dollar (308) by Keebs
109: Twofer a $ by aufbau
110: Twins by aufbau
111: Twins
by Keebs
112: <3 by aufbau
113: No snow by aufbau
114: BOS next to lp by aufbau
115: pole 9227 by aufbau
116: Unicorn Munzee #790 by stonediggernt
117: Mythological Bait 18 by bitwiz
118: Unicorn Munzee #249 by Rememberlostisland
119: Myth Bait by mding4gold
120: Hydra Munzee #707 by fogen
121: Everyone Into The Pool by mding4gold
122: Leprechaun Munzee #185 by QuizMark
123: BKzee by svilen1975

July 18 2017


South Jersey and South Jersey

Two days in South Jersey because there were still loads and loads of them to capture! However, I did also get the Gotta Cache 'em All geocache in passing. It was a puzzle cache that I solved long ago but I just never went that way until Sunday.

Saturday: Audubon, Cherry Hill Mall, Moorestown Mall, the Giant Tooth, and then I finally finished the Springdale Road set.

Sunday: Blackwood, Marlton, Mt. Holly. Dinner was at Mulan Chinese Restaurant in Voorhees, which had Mulan wall art! It's a surprise because I never expect low-cost Chinese takeout places in South Jersey to have anything beyond the basics.

Saturday 2017-07-15:

1: Faun Munzee #906 by TorryPB
2: 42&168 Virtual Resort by bitwiz
3: Korvettes Race Track Virtual by mding4gold
4: Spars by mding4gold
5: Record Museum by mding4gold
6: Fashion Bug by mding4gold
7: Woolworths by mding4gold
8: Zelli's Deli Fair by mding4gold
9: Radio Shack Family by mding4gold
10: Muscle Car by mding4gold
11: Thrift Drug Store by mding4gold
12: Peas Munzee by mding4gold
13: Penn Fruit by mding4gold
14: W T Grants Store by mding4gold
15: Dragon Munzee #6 by littlethrower
16: No Vehicles on Sunday by Bandyrooster
17: Slow Down by mding4gold
18: Park Not at Knights Park by bitwiz
19: No Parking by mding4gold
20: Scatter by ThePacer
21: Knight Park 6 by cptcranky
22: Knight Park 5 by cptcranky
23: Park Not at Knights Park 2 by bitwiz
24: Another Cranky Bus by aufbau
25: No Parking Yellow Diamond by mding4gold
26: Cranky Bus by aufbau
27: Stop by aufbau
28: No park by aufbau
29: Shopping for Munzees by mding4gold
30: Stop by aufbau
31: Peds x by aufbau
32: Ottoman Empire by aufbau
33: I Smell Pancakes #2 by mding4gold
34: Park Not Ever by aufbau
35: Aldi by mding4gold
36: Park not here either by aufbau
37: Gr post by aufbau
38: LP 67 by aufbau
39: LP 69 by aufbau
40: Green Box by mding4gold
41: Dragon Munzee #1062 by 19ostsee80
42: Boston Market Fire by SJClyde
43: Van Accessible by mding4gold
44: Lion King of Best Buy by mding4gold
45: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall Room #1 by aufbau
46: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall Room #2 by cptcranky
47: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall Room #3 by bellacandy
48: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall Room #4 by Angel509
49: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall Room #5 by abraithwaite908
50: Compact Car Motel Moorestown Mall by bitwiz
51: Dragon Munzee #665 by Cosmo
52: Pleasant Jog by Jeeper32
53: Dragon Munzee #547 by TheFaceOfBoe
54: Giant Tooth! by cptcranky
55: NJ MickyDs by Bandyrooster
56: Unicorn Munzee #885 by suesse007
57: Fire Lane by mding4gold
58: Myth Bait by mding4gold
59: Sham 1 by aufbau
60: Springdale Rd 1 Sham by bitwiz
61: Green sham green box by aufbau
62: Utility Pole by SJClyde
63: Springdale 2 sham by bitwiz
64: Stop sham by aufbau
65: Fence by N2 storage by SJClyde
66: Myth Bait by mding4gold
67: Penalty by mding4gold
68: Stumbled Back Here After Several Flights at Forgot by mding4gold
69: Telephone Pole by mding4gold
70: Utility pole by SJClyde
71: Springdale Rd 6 by bitwiz
72: Sign by aufbau
73: Stop by mding4gold
74: Fence post by aufbau
75: 1 Way by SJClyde
76: Van by mding4gold
77: Sign by aufbau
78: No trespassing by SJClyde
79: Springdale Rd 9 by bitwiz
80: Pole 10346 by SJClyde
81: Light pole by mding4gold
82: No Admitance by SJClyde
83: Springdale Rd 8 by bitwiz
84: Pole 343 by aufbau
85: Springdale Rd 7 by bitwiz
86: Fire lane by njrainbow53
87: Downspout by SJClyde
88: Rain Spout by mding4gold
89: Sign by aufbau
90: Wake up by aufbau
91: Grey Box by SJClyde
92: Springdale Rd 14 by bitwiz
93: Springdale Rd 15 by bitwiz
94: Electric cranky by aufbau
95: Utility Pole by SJClyde
96: Aufbau's Done by SJClyde
97: Don't get towed by SJClyde
98: Fence post by aufbau
99: Springdale Rd 12 by bitwiz
100: Wake up Cranky by mding4gold
101: Stop being Cranky by SJClyde
102: Cranky bailed by aufbau
103: Slacker by aufbau
104: Green box by SJClyde
105: Springdale Rd 13 by bitwiz
106: Sign by aufbau
107: Telephone Pole by mding4gold
108: Pole 72176 by SJClyde
109: Springdale Rd 10 by bitwiz
110: Sign by aufbau
111: Hydra Munzee #193 by WriteAndMane
112: Hydra Bait by mding4gold
113: Cooper Family Earth Bait by mding4gold
114: Mythological Bait 37 Haddon Heights by bitwiz
115: Haddon Hts VFW by mding4gold
116: Dragon Munzee #402 by Dragonii
117: Maid (426) by Keebs
118: Leprechaun Munzee #1380 by TheHornerFamily

Sunday 2017-07-16:

1: Marian''s Bench by SJClyde
2: Dogs door Munzee by SJClyde
3: Shirley's Bench by SJClyde
4: Bill''s Bench by SJClyde
5: Homan Family Bench by SJClyde
6: Norman' s Bench by SJClyde
7: Home team bench by SJClyde
9: Carly''s Bench by SJClyde
10: Cornervous Fence Post by SJClyde
11: No Parking by SJClyde
12: Stop by SJClyde
13: Faun Munzee #1224 by adventuretharon
14: Fire Lane by njrainbow53
15: HC Parking by SJClyde
16: lp by njrainbow53
17: LP by njrainbow53
18: No Parking Fire Lane by SJClyde
19: HC Parking by njrainbow53
20: Handrail by SJClyde
21: Lp by SJClyde
22: LP by SJClyde
23: Right Lane Must Turn by SJClyde
24: Utility Pole by njrainbow53
25: Utility Pole Anchor by njrainbow53
26: Fire Lane by SJClyde
27: Back of gray box by njrainbow53
28: Utility Pole by mding4gold
29: Jolie Utility Box by SJClyde
30: Utility Pole Conduit by njrainbow53
31: Utility Pole Anchor by SJClyde
32: No Parking Fire Lane by SJClyde
33: Firestone LP by njrainbow53
34: Firestone by SJClyde
35: Fire Lane by SJClyde
36: Yeti Munzee #798 by gspleo
37: Boring by bitwiz
38: Let's yo? let's no. by bellacandy
39: Stop it! by bellacandy
40: Barnes and Noble Diamond Marlton by bitwiz
41: B&Nzee motel Room #1 by wanderings
42: B&Nzee motel Room #2 by Kaluria
43: B&Nzee motel Room #3 by cptcranky
44: B&Nzee motel Room #4 by q21701
45: B&Nzee motel Room #5 by bitwiz
46: B&Nzee motel by bellacandy
47: bn by q21701
48: Dragon Munzee #1444 by scoutref
49: PJ's by mding4gold
50: Faun Munzee #862 by Mcgruder30
51: 14 by Jeeper32
52: strawberries by bearmomscouter
53: Dragon Munzee #1279 by cbx1000
54: Dragon Bait by aufbau
55: Reserved by bitwiz
56: Faun Munzee #1163 by CoalCracker7
57: Seanchim's Jersey Munzee II by seanchim
58: Hydra Munzee #370 by HiDude
59: carts by aufbau
60: hc Room #1 by bitwiz
61: hc Room #2 by cptcranky
62: hc Room #3 by abraithwaite908
63: hc Room #4 by Angel509
64: hc Room #5 by Woody1960
65: hc by aufbau
66: Generic Name by aufbau
67: weapons by aufbau
68: lp by aufbau
69: Generic Name by aufbau
70: Generic Name by aufbau
71: Waltel Room #1 by cptcranky
72: Waltel Room #2 by Angel509
73: Waltel Room #3 by abraithwaite908
74: Waltel Room #4 by Sacysstitch
75: Waltel by aufbau
76: badge by aufbau
77: shiny by aufbau
78: Outhouse Hotel Room #1 by TeamFreeman
79: Outhouse Hotel Room #2 by aufbau
80: Outhouse Hotel Room #3 by JSJ4GC
81: Outhouse Hotel by cptcranky
82: Smithville Woods by Qwade
83: I Scream Room #1 by cptcranky
84: I Scream Room #2 by Lady1
85: I Scream Room #3 by Barbplug80
86: I Scream Room #4 by Frampinator
87: I Scream by aufbau
88: box Room #1 by cptcranky
89: box Room #2 by Sacysstitch
90: box Room #3 by Angel509
91: box by aufbau
92: Leprechaun Munzee #1498 by bitwiz
93: Fence by N2 storage by SJClyde
94: Faun Munzee #37 by wvkiwi
95: No Parking by SJClyde
96: Njtp 4Virtual Munzee by ac3white
97: Faun Munzee #1119 by amoocow
98: Audubon Faun Bait by mding4gold
99: Hydra Munzee #1184 by gundy949
100: No tractor trailers by svilen1975
101: Unicorn Munzee #432 by Marnic
102: Generic Name by svilen1975
103: Unicorn Munzee #1149 by ryves
104: Meet by aufbau

July 14 2017


Johnstown, Pittsburgh / Anthrocon 2017, St Mary's, State College

So once again, I went to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon. I've been to every Anthrocon since the first one, so it's my 21st Anthrocon. This time though, I turned it into an 8-day vacation so I could make some side trips on the way there and on the way home.

Wednesday, 6/28:

On the way to Pittsburgh, I stopped in Johnstown. I went there for the Munzee virtual garden in Grandview Cemetery but once I got there though, I learnt about the Great Flood of 1889. Johnstown is a bit hilly, so I was amazed that the area had been underwater. The older gravestones had been destroyed by the flood and in their place, a giant stone marker now stands. Afterwards, I went to the Conemaugh Gap Scenic Overlook, which has the distinction of being the deepest gap east of the Mississippi, or so the stone marker says.


Ah, Anthrocon. I've been to this con so many times, it's pretty much old hat, although there were a few new surprises. I didn't fursuit as much this time around. I went to a fursuit performance panel and the fursuit parade but skipped recess games and fursuit team games. One interesting twist to the fursuit parade this time was the opportunity, at the end of the parade, to head down to the lower level of the convention center to a public meet and greet. I've done a lot of mascot gigs before so I know it can be fun to mingle with the public in fursuit. It's nice to have a bit of this public mascot gig flavor at Anthrocon too. I also went to Fursuit Price Is Right and I thought it was kind of interesting. I hope there'll be more game show panels in future cons.

I didn't go to any of the dances this time around. What happened was on Thursday night, I started panel-hopping and joined in on an "Are You a Werewolf?" game in the tabletop gaming room. I thought that was a lot of fun, so I joined in again the next night, and the night after that.

In past years, there weren't too many options for breakfast at Anthrocon. While walking around the city on Thursday, I popped into the new Drury Hotel to take a look around. I noticed that while hotel guests had free breakfast buffet, non-guests are allowed to buy breakfast buffet passes and those weren't expensive at all. That took care of breakfast for the next few days!


On Monday, it was time to pack up and head on over to the second half of my vacation in St Mary's. I'm not sure there's a whole lot to recommend about this town, except that it has a lot of Munzee virtual gardens, including one emerald garden that helped a lot in the July clan wars. It's also not too far from the town of Benezette, where you may find elk in the Winslow Hill viewing area sometimes. I didn't see any elk in the viewing area this time, although I spotted one in the woods as I was driving away from the visitor center. Unfortunately, it was a narrow road with no good place to stop. So I settled for the next best thing, an elk sculpture selfie at a nearby winery.

On Wednesday, I finally headed home, stopping at PSU State College along the way. I had no interest in sports but the nittany lion is kinda neat.

June 27 2017


South Jersey and Southern Delaware

Saturday's trip was to South Jersey, starting in Turnersville and Blackwood, a bit more to the southeast than usual. I decided to finish capturing the Munzees at Gloucester Premium Outlets since I didn't give it much time previously. It's not a terribly remarkable outlet mall, except for one sculpture of kids playing in the south part of the complex. After that, I went to Deptford, Mount Laurel, Burlington, and Florence for a general round-up of new Munzees. Best thing about the day though is I captured 13 mythologicals and 1 nomad, a personal record which will be difficult to beat. These are random and South Jersey does get a lot of them because of the density of Munzees in the area.

Sunday's trip was to Southern Delaware. (Camden, Greenwood, Seaford, Blades, and Laurel) I started off with a few geocaches but then switched to munzee when I ran out. There were some nice places along the way, such as Lofland Park with a view of the river near a hospital in Seaford. However, I thought Nylon Capital was a little sad. It seems this shopping center is pretty much dead now and most of the shopping nowadays is out by US-13 instead of in town. (Also, Seaford has moved past nylon but that's another matter.)

Saturday 2017-06-24:

1: Unicorn Munzee #370 by hopsgeneral
2: Hydra Munzee #457 by Smith5279
3: i see u..... by Bustersblue
4: ACE Room #1 by aufbau
5: ACE by Keebs
6: Leprechaun Munzee #994 by halyurd
7: Lp by SJClyde
8: Lp by SJClyde
9: No Outlet by SJClyde
10: LP by njrainbow53
11: LP by SJClyde
12: END Post by SJClyde
13: LP by SJClyde
14: Evolution at the Dump by bitwiz
15: LP by SJClyde
16: LP by SJClyde
17: LP by SJClyde
18: LP by Keebs
19: Aquamarine by ThePacer
20: NJ Ruby by ThePacer
21: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
22: E4 lp by bearmomscouter
23: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
24: Bilbies, not bunnies by aufbau
25: Lp by svilen1975
26: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
27: NJ Diamond by ThePacer
28: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
29: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
30: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
31: Shopping Prize Wheel by mding4gold
32: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
33: Gloucester by aufbau
34: LP by aufbau
35: Willow Court Enterance Motel Room #1 by njrainbow53
36: Willow Court Enterance Motel Room #2 by Kaluria
37: Willow Court Enterance Motel Room #3 by wanderings
38: Willow Court Enterance Motel Room #4 by iamfull
39: Willow Court Enterance Motel Room #5 by jfigel
40: Willow Court Enterance Motel by SJClyde
41: Scone on corner Old Navy by njrainbow53
42: Van Husen Fire Extinguisher by SJClyde
43: Tommy Hilfiger/Nike LP by SJClyde
44: Zales/Under Armour LP by SJClyde
45: Town Square lp by njrainbow53
46: Calvin Kline Light Sconce by SJClyde
47: Madden-francesca's lp by njrainbow53
48: Willow Court LP by SJClyde
49: Willow Court sconce by njrainbow53
50: LP by Keebs
51: Quick Deploy By cptcranky by cptcranky
52: LP A6 by aufbau
53: LP mm by aufbau
54: Another LP by Jeeper32
55: B7 by Jeeper32
56: NJ RPS by ThePacer
57: Metal on Post by Bandyrooster
58: Lamp post by Keebs
59: NJ. RpS by ThePacer
60: NJ Mall Diamond by Bandyrooster
61: Lamp post by Keebs
62: NJ RPS by ThePacer
63: NJ Mall RPS by Bandyrooster
64: NJ RPS by ThePacer
65: NJ Mall Scatter by Bandyrooster
66: NJ RPS by ThePacer
67: NJ Mall Fire by Bandyrooster
68: LP mm by aufbau
69: Quick Deploy By Keebs by Keebs
70: Trash Mace by Bandyrooster
71: Columbia Directory by SJClyde
72: hc mm by aufbau
73: Management Office Sign by SJClyde
74: fire lane by aufbau
75: Quick Deploy By Keebs by Keebs
76: Black pole by Guess window by njrainbow53
77: Town Square LP by SJClyde
78: Perfumes 4U LP by SJClyde
79: Fire Extinguisher Sconce by SJClyde
80: HP Aquamarine by Bandyrooster
81: LP mm by aufbau
82: Yeti Munzee #330 by pikespice
83: Target by mding4gold
84: Right Turn Only by SJClyde
85: Reseller by mding4gold
86: JC Penney A1 by mding4gold
87: Red Robin by mding4gold
88: Deptford Mall Macy's by bitwiz
89: Woodcrest Longsword by bitwiz
90: 911 by SJClyde
91: Woodcrest Longsword by bitwiz
92: Woodcrest Longsword by bitwiz
93: Leprechaun Munzee #923 by janzattic
94: HandrailBase by SJClyde
95: Boscov's by mding4gold
96: Lp by SJClyde
97: Evolution Wheat @ Voorhees Town Center by bitwiz
98: Van Accessible by mding4gold
99: Leprechaun Munzee #789 by Bugeye59
100: I Love Roller Skating #2 by mding4gold
101: I Love Roller Skating #1 by mding4gold
102: 6 - Way Too Far by rosemark
103: Unicorn Munzee #955 by 5tu
104: Mythological Bait 15 by bitwiz
105: Riding bikes on a Sunday by AL2NJ
106: Another mystery day by AL2NJ
107: Sign is bent and blank! by strawsolid6
108: Fire on the pond by Crowew01
109: My Laurel Corporate bacon by AL2NJ
110: 7 - Way Too Far by rosemark
111: 8 - Way Too Far by rosemark
112: Centerton Square 6/17 by aufbau
113: 9 - Way Too Far by rosemark
114: Earth to the maxx by AL2NJ
115: Stop at Costco by Crowew01
116: 10 -Way Too Far by rosemark
117: Music Zee by bitwiz
118: Greenie by mding4gold
119: Green Thing by bitwiz
120: Dragon Munzee #1092 by BomberJjr
121: Generic Name by aufbau
122: It's a good Munzee Day! Room #1 by bitwiz
123: It's a good Munzee Day! by AL2NJ
124: Faun Munzee #850 by Aronk76
125: wow a pay phone by NatureKlutz
126: what is it? by NatureKlutz
127: Green Motel Room #1 by aufbau
128: Green Motel Room #2 by JoshG420
129: Green Motel Room #3 by cptcranky
130: Green Motel Room #4 by bitwiz
131: Green Motel Room #5 by nikcap
132: Green Motel by NatureKlutz
133: Leprechaun Munzee #1297 by pakna
134: Visitors Only! by AL2NJ
135: That Way by aufbau
136: V Parking by aufbau
137: Burlington lp by aufbau
138: Row 1 by aufbau
139: Corner lp by aufbau
140: Yeti Munzee #615 by anwsmum
141: OP #26 by bitwiz
142: GD 16 by bitwiz
143: GD 17 by bitwiz
144: GD 14 by bitwiz
145: Wild Wings Motel by mding4gold
146: I'm Thirsty by mding4gold
147: Time Share Home Depot Room #3 by mding4gold
148: Time Share Home Depot by bitwiz
149: Stop @ Dunkin Donuts by mding4gold
150: Yeti Munzee #1238 by Youthdisciple
151: Generic Name by SJClyde
152: Hydra Munzee #46 by MrsBandit
153: PT Delaware O/U 800 by PikesTravel

Sunday 2017-06-25:

1: Once Was A Bank by CPL940
2: Giant Mace by CPL940
3: Smyrna Resort Room #1 by eotwp
4: Smyrna Resort Room #2 by Bustersblue
5: Smyrna Resort Room #3 by DisneyDork323
6: Smyrna Resort Room #4 by ninjas
7: Smyrna Resort by dazie62
8: Wawa! Room #1 by dazie62
9: Wawa! by eotwp
10: Bridgeville Longsword by HiTechMD
11: Green box by jasmyme123
12: SSC Hotel Room #1 by HiTechMD
13: SSC Hotel Room #2 by GeoTessy
14: SSC Hotel Room #3 by wsfd1219
15: SSC Hotel Room #4 by suprememonk3y
16: SSC Hotel Room #5 by Pyro1970
17: SSC Hotel Room #6 by EmiliaWolf
18: SSC Hotel Room #7 by ErianC01
19: SSC Hotel Room #8 by pegasusmoon
20: SSC Hotel Room #9 by mhudson59
21: SSC Hotel Room #10 by CPL940
22: SSC Hotel by OldSchoolSkater
23: SSC Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
24: SSC Motel III Room #1 by HiTechMD
25: SSC Motel III Room #2 by GeoTessy
26: SSC Motel III Room #3 by wsfd1219
27: SSC Motel III Room #4 by suprememonk3y
28: SSC Motel III Room #5 by mhudson59
29: SSC Motel III by OldSchoolSkater
30: SSC Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
31: SSC Battle Axe by OldSchoolSkater
32: SSC Longsword by OldSchoolSkater
33: fair or foul by LadyH
34: SSC BattleAxe by OldSchoolSkater
35: SSC Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
36: VD Mace by OldSchoolSkater
37: SSC Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
38: SSC Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
39: SSC Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
40: sports by LadyH
41: SSC Mace by OldSchoolSkater
42: Stink star seaford by ac3white
43: Seaford Aquamarine by OldSchoolSkater
44: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
45: Big green box by Pyro1970
46: VD Motel Room #1 by HiTechMD
47: VD Motel Room #2 by GeoTessy
48: VD Motel Room #3 by wsfd1219
49: VD Motel Room #4 by suprememonk3y
50: VD Motel Room #5 by JWH11
51: VD Motel by OldSchoolSkater
52: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
53: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
54: VD Battle Axe by OldSchoolSkater
55: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
56: VD Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
57: VD Battle Axe by OldSchoolSkater
58: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
59: VD Motel II Room #1 by HiTechMD
60: VD Motel II Room #2 by GeoTessy
61: VD Motel II Room #3 by JWH11
62: VD Motel II Room #4 by suprememonk3y
63: VD Motel II Room #5 by wsfd1219
64: VD Motel II by OldSchoolSkater
65: VD Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
66: VD Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
67: VD Battle Axe by OldSchoolSkater
68: SIP Motel Room #1 by HiTechMD
69: SIP Motel Room #2 by GeoTessy
70: SIP Motel Room #3 by suprememonk3y
71: SIP Motel Room #4 by wsfd1219
72: SIP Motel Room #5 by EmiliaWolf
73: SIP Motel by OldSchoolSkater
74: SIP Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
75: SIP Ruby by OldSchoolSkater
76: SIP Motel II Room #1 by HiTechMD
77: SIP Motel II Room #2 by GeoTessy
78: SIP Motel II Room #3 by wsfd1219
79: SIP Motel II Room #4 by suprememonk3y
80: SIP Motel II Room #5 by ErianC01
81: SIP Motel II by OldSchoolSkater
82: SIP Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
83: Hospital Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
84: Hospital Motel Room #1 by HiTechMD
85: Hospital Motel Room #2 by mhudson59
86: Hospital Motel Room #3 by CPL940
87: Hospital Motel Room #4 by Soldierlpn
88: Hospital Motel Room #5 by pegasusmoon
89: Hospital Motel by OldSchoolSkater
90: Hospital Ruby by OldSchoolSkater
91: Nylon Capital Ruby by OldSchoolSkater
92: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
93: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
94: Prize Wheel at Seaford Rite Aid by OldSchoolSkater
95: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
96: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
97: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
98: Nylon Capital Greenie by OldSchoolSkater
99: Mt. Zion Motel Room #1 by Pyro1970
100: Mt. Zion Motel Room #2 by pegasusmoon
101: Mt. Zion Motel Room #3 by EmiliaWolf
102: Mt. Zion Motel Room #4 by ErianC01
103: Mt. Zion Motel Room #5 by mhudson59
104: Mt. Zion Motel by OldSchoolSkater
105: Mt. Zion Mystery by CrystalPistol99
106: Watch For Munzees by CPL940
107: Seaford Rd Hotel Room #1 by Pyro1970
108: Seaford Rd Hotel Room #2 by pegasusmoon
109: Seaford Rd Hotel Room #3 by EmiliaWolf
110: Seaford Rd Hotel Room #4 by ErianC01
111: Seaford Rd Hotel Room #5 by HiTechMD
112: Seaford Rd Hotel by OldSchoolSkater
113: Seaford Rd Mystery by CrystalPistol99
114: Ball Field Motel Room #1 by Uptightwad
115: Ball Field Motel Room #2 by MrScanMan
116: Play Ball Motel Laurel Room #3 by HiTechMD
117: Play Ball Motel Laurel Room #4 by GeoTessy
118: Play Ball Motel Laurel Room #5 by CPL940
119: Play Ball Motel Laurel by OldSchoolSkater
120: Ball Field Hotel Room #1 by MrScanMan
121: Ball Field Hotel Room #2 by Uptightwad
122: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #3 by HiTechMD
123: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #4 by GeoTessy
124: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #5 by CPL940
125: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #6 by suprememonk3y
126: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #7 by ac3white
127: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #8 by johnboy91
128: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #9 by wsfd1219
129: Play Ball Hotel Laurel Room #10 by 1974gorilla
130: Play Ball Hotel Laurel by OldSchoolSkater
131: Generic Name Room #1 by Uptightwad
132: Generic Name Room #2 by MrScanMan
133: Generic Name Room #3 by HiTechMD
134: Play Ball Motel II Laurel Room #4 by CPL940
135: Play Ball Motel II Laurel Room #5 by Pyro1970
136: Play Ball Motel II Laurel by OldSchoolSkater
137: Hello from Dade City, Fl by Lisaeric2016
138: MVM FOR OSS by Lisaeric2016
139: Pretty Little Virtual For OSS by Lisaeric2016
140: Little Laurel Crossbow by Lisaeric2016
141: HCFC LAUREL VIRTUAL by Lisaeric2016
142: And Its Another Laurel Crossbow..... by Lisaeric2016
143: A VIRTUAL MUNZEE FOR OSS by Lisaeric2016
144: HCFC's BIRTHSTONE GEM by Lisaeric2016
145: Bayview Timeshare Room #1 by Pyro1970
146: Bayview Timeshare Room #2 by wb2qbq
147: Bayview Timeshare Room #3 by ninjas
148: Bayview Timeshare by OldSchoolSkater
149: Laurel Lion Evo by OldSchoolSkater
150: Laurel Battle Axe by OldSchoolSkater
151: Dollar Tomatoes Evolution by MrScanMan
152: Dollar RUM by OldSchoolSkater
153: Laurel Evolution Bacon by suprememonk3y
154: Laurel Evolution Tomato by wsfd1219
155: Dollar RUM by OldSchoolSkater
156: Dollar Corn Evolution by MrScanMan
157: Got Bacon? by wsfd1219
158: Laurel Evolution Corn by suprememonk3y
159: Dollar RUM by OldSchoolSkater
160: Got milk? by wsfd1219
161: Laurel Evolution Tomato by suprememonk3y
162: Evolution of Laurel by OldSchoolSkater
163: Laurel Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
164: Got milk? by wsfd1219
165: No Bank Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
166: Laurel's Corny Evolution by OldSchoolSkater
167: Laurel Evolution Corn by OldSchoolSkater
168: Post Office Motel Room #1 by HiTechMD
169: Post Office Motel Room #2 by GeoTessy
170: Post Office Motel Room #3 by mhudson59
171: Post Office Motel Room #4 by Pyro1970
172: Post Office Motel Room #5 by pegasusmoon
173: Post Office Motel by OldSchoolSkater
174: Post Office Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
175: Green Box Against Buildings by Pyro1970
176: Bowling Alley Diamond by HiTechMD
177: Bowling Alley Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
178: Bowling Alley Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
179: Bowling Alley Diamond by HiTechMD
180: Bowling Alley Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
181: Bowling Alley Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
182: Creekside Premium by OldSchoolSkater
183: No Outlet on White Earth Mystery by OldSchoolSkater
184: Motel Fire by OldSchoolSkater
185: Laurel Diamond by OldSchoolSkater
186: James Branch Water Trail Ruby by OldSchoolSkater
187: It's A Mystery by suprememonk3y
188: Stone Creek RUM by OldSchoolSkater
189: Stop Stop by mhudson59
190: Stone Creek Mace by OldSchoolSkater
191: Stone Creek Longsword by OldSchoolSkater
192: Stone Creek Greenie by MrScanMan
193: Wallie World BattleAxe by OldSchoolSkater
194: Hydrant Hammer by OldSchoolSkater
195: Wally World Longsword by OldSchoolSkater
196: Wally World Mace by OldSchoolSkater
197: WM 7 by wsfd1219
198: Wally World Mace by OldSchoolSkater
199: Wally World BattleAxe by OldSchoolSkater
200: Wally World Longsword by OldSchoolSkater
201: Exxon RUM Seaford by OldSchoolSkater
202: LP by Pyro1970
203: Faun Munzee #376 by BILLYJACK

June 19 2017


South Jersey, Valley Forge

Saturday's trip was to South Jersey because I knew it would be easy to hit the one million points milestone there. I got that fairly early in the day in Lawnside. After that, I went to the dead Burlington Center Mall. It surprised me how quiet the mall area is now since I remember this mall being moderately busy not so long ago. With no traffic in the parking areas though, it's gradually turning into a Munzee playground. Heavy rain in the afternoon put an end to the day's Munzee spree, but I stopped at the Asian food market in Cherry Hill for some goodies.

On Sunday, I went to Valley Forge National Historical Park. There were a bunch of virtual Munzees around the visitor center and the first stop along the park road but I also went inside to see the exhibits. It was fascinating. They have a number of display cases showing the gaming/entertainment items, cooking utensils, and General Duportail of the Revolutionary War era. It's interesting how some items, e.g. dice, cards, needles, and thimbles, are pretty basic and haven't changed much in over two centuries. There are also recreations of log cabin soldiers' quarters out along the park road. Those also show what the bunk beds and living space might have looked like inside. After that, I hit some Munzee clusters in Fort Washington, Dresher, and North Wales, and found a geocache in Franconia before dinner.

Saturday 2017-06-17:

Dragon Munzee #748 by maxmaggott
rnr 924 by rufnredy
(407) by Keebs
Time Share Home Depot Room #2 by 1311
Time Share Home Depot by bitwiz
Home Depot by mding4gold
June points run by aufbau
pick up by aufbau
Meet at the depot by aufbau
Van Accessible by svilen1975
Reserved by SJClyde
Road Trip !!!!! by bitwiz
Sharknado by mding4gold
2 - Way Too Far by rosemark
Yeti Munzee #1223 by oly11
Ice Mystery 2 by bitwiz
3 - Way Too Far by rosemark
Premium bitwiz by bitwiz
Martin's Time Share by bitwiz
4 - Way Too Far by rosemark
Fire Lane 🔥 by mding4gold
Fire Lane 🔥 by mding4gold
Employee. Parking 🅿 by mding4gold
Employee. Parking 🅿 by mding4gold
Employee Parking 🅿 by mding4gold
Employee Parking 🅿 by mding4gold
Big green at costco by aufbau
Costco gr by aufbau
Costco gr by aufbau
LP at costco by aufbau
tall stop by aufbau
Virtua diamond Moorestown by bitwiz
lp by aufbau
Lighting by bitwiz
No park. Fire zone by aufbau
LP box by aufbau
Mo peas by aufbau
Mo Farm by aufbau
Mo 6/4/17 by aufbau
Quick Deploy By aufbau by aufbau
5 - Way Too Far by rosemark
Lp by aufbau
oh to be 15 again by aufbau
No parking fire lane by aufbau
More dead mall lp by aufbau
Dead mall LP timeshare by aufbau
Dragon Bait 4 by aufbau
Fire! On The Green by aufbau
Fire lane bacon by aufbau
Stop by aufbau
No parking by aufbau
No park by aufbau
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3/18 watch out by aufbau
Bandy's Munzee 21 by Bandyrooster
Munzee Mania 8 by Bandyrooster
A Munzee a Day keeps the Obsession at Bay! 2 by ThePacer
TGI FIRE by aufbau
Faun Munzee #730 by Majsan
Munzee Mania 8 by Bandyrooster
Play the Munzee Game 25 by ThePacer
Fire Academy by aufbau
Fire! Lane by aufbau
Dead by aufbau
Marriot nj exit 5 lp by Big100HD
Valuable lp by aufbau
RPS LP by aufbau
Lp by SJClyde
Earth Bait by mding4gold
Stop by aufbau
Freezing by mding4gold
Handicap Parking by mding4gold
Springdale Rd 11 by bitwiz
Telephone Pole by mding4gold
Peddler crossing by SJClyde
Utility Pole by SJClyde
Museum Parking by mding4gold
Sign by aufbau
Sign by SJClyde
Springdale Rd Run 2 by bitwiz
25 by mding4gold
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Springdale Rd Run 1 by bitwiz
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Dragon Munzee #542 by Tombmaker
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Faun Munzee #1241 by pennydot
LP @ Lowe's by SJClyde

Sunday 2017-06-18:

Leprechaun Munzee #1082 by rollermama
Stay at the REI Hotel Room #1 by bearmomscouter
Stay at the REI Motel Room #2 by CaptainV45
Stay at the REI Motel Room #3 by mvp53
Stay at the REI Motel Room #4 by picklesmcgee
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Radisson Motel Room #1 by bearmomscouter
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Radisson Motel Room #3 by Chaoswarp
Radisson Motel Room #4 by 69darlene69
Radisson Motel Room #5 by SLAUGY
Radisson Motel by UnNamed
vfc by bearmomscouter
HT Support the Clan PA by HiTechMD
Valley Forge Visitor Center Room #1 by njrainbow53
Valley Forge Visitor Center Room #2 by UnNamed
Valley Forge Visitor Center Room #3 by bearmomscouter
Valley Forge Visitor Center Room #4 by sfwife
Valley Forge Visitor Center Room #5 by greensfgiant
Valley Forge Visitor Center by SJClyde
Valley Forge Visitor Center by CaptainV45
Crossbow Munzee by sfwife
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Greene's Division by Delphineous
ANother Canon by Kaliyah
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Watching my Home by UnNamed
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Mystery by civilwarbuff
Wall green by Jeeper32
Costco Carrot by UnNamed
Geostore by civilwarbuff
Faun Munzee #800 by Bowlrswife
Friends In Lowe Places by jabob69
Ralph's Hotel Room #1 by bearmomscouter
Ralph's Hotel by UnNamed
Faun Munzee #1122 by julesbeus
Hennings 8 by jabob69
Hennings 10 by jabob69
Hennings 9 by jabob69
Hennings 11 by jabob69
Hennings 12 by jabob69
Hennings 14 by jabob69
Hennings 15 by jabob69
Hennings 4 by jabob69
Hennings 6 by jabob69

June 12 2017


South Jersey and Eastern Shore / Anne Arundel

It was a 100% Munzee (well, maybe 99% Munzee and 1% Flagstack) weekend. My geocaching premium membership expired last weekend and I didn't figure it was worth renewing, so I don't have any pocket queries. I peeked at the c:geo app a couple of times but there weren't any new geocaches near where I was capturing munzees. Which seems to fit what I've been noticing. In areas that are dense with munzees, some of the biggest players were geocachers who hid a lot of geocaches a while back but stopped and switched to Munzee. Why? They had their reasons. Montgomery and Bucks County geocachers had better hope the Taxman, owner of over a thousand geocaches, doesn't start Munzeeing!

So Saturday's trip was to South Jersey again, mainly Westampton, Burlington, Riverside, Cherry Hill, Audubon, and Marlton. Since the weather was good, I started clearing out a few areas. Also helped a local Munzer replace a missing motel munzee. Not a complicated process but it did require some messaging back and forth. Then I went around getting the new timeshare, hotel, and motel munzees and a bunch of mythologicals. Lots of points all around. In the evening, I hit the Asian food market in Cherry Hill and finally, I picked a random Chinese restaurant I hadn't been to for dinner. That's the other thing I've been doing: attempting to write Yelp and Google Local reviews for every Chinese place in South Jersey. I'm probably only a small fraction of the way to this goal.

Sunday's trip was down to Sandy Point State Park again to capture around 300 munzees. Nearly all of them were evolution munzees, a special type that changes twice before taking its final form. A wheel munzee, for example, turns into a penny farthing next month and a muscle car the following month. So it may seem like there are a lot of munzees in Sandy Point but some of those were the same ones from my last visit that have since evolved. Along the way there, I also visited the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Centreville. This memorial and park is not along the main drag, so I'd never have found it if not for Munzee. (Just like geocaches, it seems, some Munzees take you to new places and some, well most, are just for the heck of it.)

June 05 2017


South Jersey and York

Saturday's trip was to South Jersey, to Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, and Haddonfield. The main goal was to capture the row of prize wheel munzees behind Centerton Shopping Center since I only needed a few more for the next prize wheel badge. There was a lot more to do as well since this is the area where a number of munzers deploy.

Sunday's trip was to York. I hadn't been to York in quite a while because of the difficulty in getting there. Once you get to Lancaster, US-30 is a divided highway to York, but there just isn't a good way to go from my place to Lancaster. Since I hadn't been there in a long time though, there were some new geocaches around York, such as the one at the Mt Rose I-83 traffic viewing spot. I also took the opportunity to capture some Munzee gardens in the area, such as the Manchester Town Center smiley.

May 31 2017


Memorial Day Weekend

I had the day off on Monday, so it was a 3-day weekend. Saturday's trip was to Atlantic City and Brigantine, with a stop in Berlin on the way to dinner. The trouble with the casino area in Atlantic City is there's no free parking. Even Harrah's, which isn't in the downtown area, now charges for parking, even though they didn't just a few years ago. So I mostly went for munzees and geocaches off the beaten path. Still, there was a lot to see. I went to the Absecon Lighthouse and the aquarium. Also saw a bench on a fragment of a pier out in the water. I thought that was sad and strange at the same time.

Sunday's trip was somewhat shorter because of the rain. Just a dash down to Sandy Point State Park to capture about 500 munzees and then back again.

Monday's trip was to Dover, Bridgeville, Seaford, and Laurel in Southern Delaware. It was mostly for Munzee but I stopped for a bunch of new geocaches along the way. Horsey Pond was the most scenic area of the day. The weird item of the day was an Angry Birds porta-potty in Seaford. It looked like character merchandising gone wrong.

May 22 2017


South Jersey, DelCo & MontCo

I was going to wait until the end of the month to decide whether to continue my geocaching premium membership (which expires on June 3rd) but after seeing the "new dashboard experience", I went ahead and canceled the auto-renew. What on earth were they thinking? This is a prime example of the school of web design where they think people won't notice that they have removed features if they just put a pretty face on it. Except that this "pretty face" is one of those misguided new-style web designs that convey less information in more space through the use of big fonts and copious whitespace. It's like moving from Lego to Duplo, only not nearly as fun. The worst problem in the new dashboard is it only shows 20 recent logs instead of a month of recent logs. Also, it mixes in friends' recent logs. With the kind of avid geocachers in my geocaching friends list, that guarantees the list won't even cover a day of logs. Maybe not even an hour of logs sometimes!

Anyway, Saturday's trip was to South Jersey again for more munzee and a few geocaches along the way. I went to Riverside, Delanco, Beverly, Burlington, Florence, Mt Holly, and Lumberton, just a big ol' circle on the way to the Asian food market for restocking. There was a good view of the Delaware River in Burlington and a caboose on display in Mt. Holly. I was told that the caboose was being refurbished.

For Sunday's trip, I took a short detour to Havertown, a few miles off the Blue Route. I was surprised there's now a collection of munzees there. Slowly, the game will enter every town. Then I went to Plymouth Township for a mix of geocaches and munzee. It's where I saw a bronze german shepherd and contemplated whether a bird in the bush was worth half a bird in the hand. Then I went to the Gwynedds, North Wales, Colmar, and Ambler. Ambler was pretty good for munzeeing. I parked in the public lot and took a walk around a few blocks, capturing everything. Also found a rare pirate nomad just a bit outside of Ambler. Nomads are a lot harder to find than mythologicals because there are so few of them, so running into one just made my day.

May 18 2017


South Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Phillipsburg

It was a rainy Saturday, so I went to South Jersey, specifically Sewell, Blackwood, Deptford, Voorhees, Marlton, and Mount Laurel for Munzees only. The strategy of the day was to focus on hotel, motel and timeshare munzees to minimize the number of times I had to step out into the rain.

Sunday's trip was to Lehigh Valley and across the state line there to Pohatcong and Phillipsburg. I actually ran out of munzees there, so there was enough time for a walk along the Tatamy Trail to get a bunch of geocaches, which were apparently video game themed.

May 09 2017


Salisbury, Lawrenceville Jubilee

Saturday's trip was south to Salisbury for another munzee raid since there were more dense areas in and around the city that I hadn't hit yet. There were also a few geocaches along the way in Camden, Bridgeville, Seaford, and Laurel.

On Sunday, I did a mascot gig at the Lawrenceville Jubilee. Solo gig this time because Damian couldn't make it due to an automotive problem. I wore the raccoon fursuit this time and it was this character's first appearance at the jubilee. It took the crowd a few minutes to warm up to the character and then it was high-fives and hugs everywhere. It was a smaller crowd than in some of the previous years because of the weather but it was still a great crowd. I did five rounds, about once per hour, and only one round was cut short a bit because of rain. Otherwise, the gig went rather well. After that, I still had time for one geocache near Trenton and a bunch of munzees in Mount Laurel.

May 02 2017


Fur The More 2017

Or more like a Munzee trip with a side of furry con. I'd actually planned to use this trip to get the emerald garden in Anacostia Park in southeast DC, since I'd never captured a virtual emerald garden before, and then get the vast collection of virtuals in and around the National Mall. That's what I did Thursday afternoon. Instead of I-95, I took the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to Anacostia Park. After getting the emerald garden, I took a little walk on the bike path by the Anacostia River for a bunch more munzees. My original plan was to park at Anacostia Metro and take the Metrorail in to the National Mall, but after seeing the somewhat sketchy area, I decided it would be better to park at the hotel and take the Metrorail from there. So that's what I did. It was my first time using the Metrorail and I thought it was fairly modern and impressive. The silver line follows Rt 267 and I-66, and it's a lot faster than traffic on those highways in the late afternoon. Since I wasn't driving, I was able to capture all the virtual munzees along those highways too, at least on the stretch before the train goes underground. I got out at the Smithsonian Metro Station and started walking towards the US Capitol, capturing munzees and even finding a few geocaches along the way. I hit a new one-day record fairly easily with over 6,000 captures and 111K points. Then I took a Lyft to the South Capitol Hill area to find my friend's puzzle geocache, "Roll Call". Had dinner there too because it was a restaurant row area, before returning to the hotel, also via Metrorail.

I did the same thing Friday afternoon, except this time, I walked towards the Washington Monument. Not as many munzees this time - 3,300 captures and 90K points, but I only wanted to get 2nd place on the leaderboard to get the 2nd place badge. (Thursday's munzee run got me the 1st place badge, so I didn't need to do that any more. Yes, it's a weird badge optimization. :) )

Okay, enough about munzee. What about the con? It's my 5th year attending FtM. This time I brought the raccoon and coyote fursuits. I intended to alternate between the two but I wore the raccoon more than the coyote because the latter needed some repair work. There were fewer events/activities of interest this year because they canceled the fursuit parade (replaced by fursuit menagerie + photoshoot) and fursuit games (probably had to make way for floor wars). On the plus side though, the 18+ (i.e. mature/adult) panels on Saturday night were pretty good this year. The lighter schedule allowed more time to hang out, socialize, and get anything I needed done. Just like last year, the convention hotel was the Sheraton in Tysons Corner, within walking distance of a number of restaurants, a Walmart, and the Spring Hill Metro Station, so I was able to leave the car in the hotel garage the whole weekend.

April 25 2017


South Jersey

I needed one geocache this weekend to get the Celebrating 3 million active geocaches souvenir, but I got a few more geocaches along the way. The cache that actually got me the souvenir, "Ava & Alex cache", was a bit of a dubious placement because it's right next to a private driveway. Hopefully it's their property or they have permission. Anyway, my destination on Saturday was Mill Creek Park in Willingboro because there was a nice loop of munzees all along the circular park road. I parked in each parking area and walked back and forth a bit to capture them all. Also took a look at the Futuro House, a must-see oddity in this park.

Sunday's trip was also to South Jersey, but this time to the Mount Laurel Corporate Center, which is packed with munzees for reasons known only to those who deployed them. Although most of the munzees were in the parking lot, there were also a bunch along the walking path around a pond behind the QAD building. Needless to say, Sunday was a good time to go for those because the area was deserted, except for one bird who watched me capture a munzee.

April 18 2017


Baltimore, Fort McHenry, and Montgomery-Bucks

Saturday's goal was to capture the Munzee garden at Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore. It was a surgical strike. I went in, parked on a quiet side street, and got about 280 MVMs very quickly. Since there was plenty of time after that, I went to Fort McHenry. All 3 games were represented there, so there were a few geocaches, 2 Flagstack flags, and a bit over a hundred munzees. By luck, it was a free admission weekend, so I went inside the fort to take a look around. I also took a walk outside the fort to see Armistead and Orpheus. Geo-games aside, it was a good historical site to visit.

Sunday's trip was a round-up of a few new geocaches and a lot of munzees around Plymouth, Lansdale, Colmar, and the Rt 611 corridor between Doylestown and Willow Grove. On the munzee side, I focused on special types that I needed for certain badges. There weren't actually enough Zodiac munzees out that way but I'm a lot closer (95 out of 100) to the goal now.

April 10 2017


Annapolis and Voorhees

For me, this weekend was all about Munzee events. There were a number of Easter Tea Party events scheduled around the world. Two of them were not too far from home and on different days, so I went to both.

On Saturday, I went to the Egg'stra Special Maryland Munzee Easter Event at Fuddruckers in Annapolis. It was mostly a meet and greet, although there were prizes in a couple of Easter baskets. I checked later and those turned out to be special munzees, so I'll deploy those in my home area later. After that, we went out to the shopping area to capture the event pin munzees that had been deployed for the event, as well as anything else in the vicinity. That was a lot of fun. I kept running into other munzers at various spots even though we were all going in different directions. After that, I went to Sandy Point State Park to hit the evolution munzee garden before heading home.

Sunday's event was the NJ Bilby Event at Voorhees Town Center. (formerly Echelon Mall) Since I was early, I went around the mall to capture the munzees and also stopped to take a "I Love You" murals near the parking area. When it was getting close to event time, I went inside to the food court to meet up with the rest of the attendees. There was a delay in setting things up but once we got going, there was an Eventzee photo scavenger hunt of items that could mostly be found inside the mall. There were also event pins to capture both inside and outside the mall. They had a raffle too and I got the bilby puppet! And finally, there was the riding of the motorized animals.

April 04 2017


West Chester, Montgomeryville, Cherry Hill

Just like the previous two weekends, my focus was not on geocaches although there were still some on the way to the munzee areas. Saturday's actual goal was to claim my free AIRism t-shirt from the Montgomery Mall Uniqlo. I had that coupon in my email for the longest time but my previous attempt to head that way was foiled by an injury. So once again, I headed the same way up. Enroute, there was a stop at West Goshen Township Park in West Chester for a few geocaches, as well as a quick look at the helicopter museum. Then I went and got the munzees up the Rt 309 shopping area in North Wales and Montgomeryville. And the last stop before dinner was at Uniqlo to get the shirt. I'd never been to this store before. My overall impression though was clothes there ran a gamut of sizes from tiny to super-tiny. Seriously, even their size XL seemed a bit small for my apparently giant frame. (No wonder I fall down so hard! :) )

Sunday's trip was to Audubon, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and Collingswood, after picking up a few geocaches in Penns Grove along the way. My plan was to bag all the resort munzees with empty rooms before getting to the meat of the day, which was a walk around Knight Park in Collingswood. This park is closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, so I walked the 2 miles all the way around to capture the munzee trail. It was a rather nice day for a walk and I even showed a curious passer-by what the game was about. (He thought I was geocaching at first. Heheh, no.) After that, I got some dragon munzees in Mount Laurel. Decided that was enough for the day, so there was time for a trip to an Asian supermarket in Cherry Hill before dinner.

March 27 2017


Central Jersey, Anne Arundel County

On Saturday, I went to the "Plainsboro Preserve 2017 Geotrail Launch" geocaching event in (where else?) Plainsboro Preserve. The event itself was in the nature center building, where there was an European Starling that perched by the heat lamp for a while before taking a bird bath. I didn't stay for the geotrail caches since I had other caches to go for in Rocky Hill, Montgomery, Belle Mead, and Somerville. Followed those with a Munzee grab around the Bridgewater Commons Mall before dinner.

Sunday's trip was more Munzee-focused because the main goal was to capture more than 1000 of those in Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. However, it turned out that there were a lot of geocaches as well in the Glen Burnie area on the B&A Trail and around the shopping centers along Gov Ritchie Highway. After that I hit the Munzee gardens at Arundel Mills Mall. There were two of those, one that looked like a Christmas tree and one that was in the shape of a giant Munzee pin. (I think) I also visited the top of the casino parking garage, although the only thing the view from there showed was how difficult it was to find a parking space.

Saturday 2017-03-25:

Plainsboro Preserve 2017 Geotrail Launch (New Jersey)
New Jersey State Tree II (New Jersey)
Freedom Trail I (New Jersey)
Squirrel (New Jersey)
SPG - Fahrenheit 451 (New Jersey)
SPG - Checkers (New Jersey)
SPG - Lower Forty (New Jersey)
Spider House (New Jersey)
BPH#1 (New Jersey)
BPH#2 (New Jersey)
Somerville Cemetery Stash (New Jersey)
Winter Fix (New Jersey)
It's the TOPS (New Jersey)
Solar farm (New Jersey)

Sunday 2017-03-26:

MD-404/US-50 TB Mini Hotel (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: A view of Pluto (Maryland)
Bricked in (Maryland)
Power Up (Maryland)
Just Outside (Maryland)
Breeze Block (Maryland)
In the Stump (Maryland)
Pedestrians (Maryland)
TYGR402: And Chloe 2 (Maryland)
TYGR402: And Chloe Too (Maryland)
Finley (Maryland)
Liam (Maryland)
Miles (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: 35mm GR (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Blue Ornament (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: In the Corner (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: In the Corner 2 (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Red Ornament (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Hanging Around 2 (Maryland)
The Population of Glen Burnie: Brand New Lamp Pole (Maryland)
A is for Apple, B is for Bee, C is for cache (Maryland)

March 23 2017


Ocean City, Salisbury

To avoid any strain on my shoulder, I decided to plan the weekend around Munzee instead of geocaching, although I did still get some geocaches along the way. Most Munzees are in built-up areas and I'd say more than 95% of them would be rated 1 or 1.5 stars for terrain. I took a look at the Munzee map and the area just south of the state line, from Salisbury to Ocean City (Maryland, not New Jersey), was chock full of Munzees. So that's where I went.

Saturday's trip was to the south end of Ocean City. I got some geocaches in Bear and Ellendale on the way. There were two geocaches I hadn't gotten yet in that part of Ocean City but for the most part, I had the Munzee app open to grab the virtuals and some physicals along the boardwalk. Of course, I did the tourist thing too while I was there. I gawked at the dinosaur bones and the funny batmobile. Munzee total for the day was 2,203 captures and 30,912 points, the best I'd ever done and enough to bag the 25K Day badge, which I'd been eyeing for a while.

On Sunday, I went down to Salisbury. There were large groups of Munzees at the shopping center on southbound US-13, entering Salisbury, and at the Salisbury University sports fields, but the real treat this trip was to the Salisbury Zoo. I didn't walk in all the way but I saw a representative sample of animals and captured a full set of the limited-time charity paw prints Munzees. It made sense that the Maryland Munzers would deploy those at the zoo. Sunday's totals: 1,755 captures, 29,220 points. Then after leaving Salisbury, I got some geocaches in the Seaford area along US-13, on the way to dinner.

March 12 2017


Chadds Ford, East Bradford, and the Shoulder Injury

There were a few caches here and there locally that I'd planned to get on Saturday before going to Pottstown. So I got one in Wilmington, and after breakfast, I got two more in Chadds Ford and East Bradford. The open space area in East Bradford had a bit of a slope, which I had no problem going down but on the way back up, I slipped and fell. I must have landed the wrong way because my left shoulder and upper arm was sore and I didn't have as much strength there as usual. So I went to the Penn Medicine Emergency Room in West Chester to get it checked.

Got admitted not long after since the ER wasn't busy. Some things must have changed in the years since I was last in a hospital. They now seem to be required to ask a batch of questions to make sure that any injury was not the result of physical abuse. Anyway, I caught up with some Bruce Willis movies in the patient room while waiting for X-rays and such. Got pushed around in a wheelchair, which was more fun that I would've thought, to the X-ray room. A nurse administered some painkiller via IV although it really didn't do much. It was exactly as a friend described it once: you're still sore but the drug makes you not care as much about the soreness. The doctor was really good though. He moved my arm a bit and the bone went right back in without any pain at all. Then I left the hospital with some instructions and a prescription, although the nurse told me it's really just for some over-the-counter Aleve. I am to take a couple of days off from work and see an orthopedic specialist for a followup but that seems to be about it.

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