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October 08 2019


FA United 2019

Last weekend was FA United 2019 in Northern Virginia. That was my fourth and last furry convention for the year. It'll be hard to cut one convention next year to make room for a new one because each convention had a strength or niche of its own. In the case of FAU, it was games and gastronomical adventures.

The most interesting panel to me was the virtual reality panel. After a demo by the panelists, the audience got to take turns trying a Vive VR headset. The game I played was Richie's Plank Experience. From what I heard, this is a game often used to show newcomers the possibilities of VR. In this game, you take an elevator 80 floors up. When the elevator door opens, all you see is a wooden plank, sticking straight out into the air, with a cake at the end. Then you have to walk out on the plank, get the cake, and return to the elevator. It's scary if you're afraid of heights. Interestingly, I didn't experience any dizziness or vertigo playing this game. Despite what I saw, my mind and body could tell it wasn't real. So I went to the end of the plank, got the cake, and took the elevator back to street level and that was the full plank experience.

I also played on the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. In the panel room, we had six laptops networked together. Each laptop showed a screen of controls for a particular role on the spaceship bridge, e.g. the science officer had a screen for checking and scanning various objects on the map. I was the engineer, so I had controls for directing power to various systems (weapons, shields, engine, etc) on the ship. There was also one screen on the projector for the ship captain. The game was a lot like Star Trek. There were space anomalies that we had to check and battles with enemies. We did an easy mission first and then a harder one. In the harder mission, the spaceship nearly got eaten by a space dragon, which was hilarious.

The Board Game Tournament was a lot of fun too. We had a bunch of games (tiddlywinks, Liar's Dice, Sorry, Scattergories, and LCR) in the room. We had five minutes to play each game before moving on to the next game. Scoring was based on progress in the game, regardless of whether we finished. Because of the variety of games, we needed luck, skill, and a combination of both. When we were done, I found that I was actually only one point short of 3rd place, which was a lot better than I thought I would do.

The food panels are the weirdest parts of FAU but potentially the most intriguing for those who are curious. One of those I attended was the panel about edible bugs. There were packages of dried crickets in a variety of flavors to try. We also had prepackaged worms and beetles. I thought the salt & vinegar crickets were the best of the lot because of the flavor. For the most part, eating bugs isn't that bad. The worst part of it was the insect shells. Tiny bits of cricket shell got stuck between my teeth and that was ugh. So I think these would be much better if the shells were removed beforehand.

The other food panel I went to was the hot sauce tasting panel. We had a lineup of Hot Ones hot sauces from mild to extremely hot. The mild ones were not bad at all but when I tried a bit of Hell Fire Detroit, which was in the middle of the range, I sneezed and a bit of that got into my nose. So I decided that was my limit.

So I had a great time at FAU. It's not the biggest convention, nor does it have the most panels and events, but it definitely offers some unique experiences.

September 15 2019


Metro Gathering 2019

The last few years, Metro Gathering was in October and had a Halloween theme. This year though, the geocaching mega event is in September and has a pirate theme. I guess it needed a bit of a change. I think October is preferable for this kind of event because the weather would be cooler and better for hiking. However, the weather in Northern New Jersey this weekend turned out to be pretty cool, in the mid 60s. So it worked well.

As usual, there was a Friday evening event, the Pre~Pirates of Port Royale Meet and Greet Event. It was a pot-luck dinner at the Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation. I talked to some geocaching friends and had food but didn't stay to the end.

Saturday was the big day. I went to Waterloo Village in the morning for 2019 Metro Gathering ~ Pirates of Port Royale and spent nearly 6 hours walking around finding geocaches and talking to people I knew from way back when. As the organizers seem to do every year, they archived the previous year's geocaches and published them again in the same hiding spots. I remembered most of the hiding spots so it was really easy for me. The twist this year is most of the geocaches had code words in them that you can log in the Adventure Lab app for an additional lab cache find. There were also a number of standalone lab caches around the village and along the hiking trail. Lab caches were also available at the mega event in previous years but you had to log them by entering the code words on the web when you got home after the event or in a web browser on your smartphone as you find them. I think the phone app is a bit more convenient for this activity.

After leaving Metro Gathering, I headed over to Riverside Park in Stanhope for the NJ - Small Town Stanhope 3 Munzee event. This is a smaller event for Munzee players who happened to be in the area for Metro Gathering, as well as a few others who came just for the Munzee event. There was Munzee-related chat and also some special munzees for the event. After the hiking workout at Metro Gathering, this smaller event was a good way to cool down and relax a bit before heading back to the hotel.

FursonaCon 2019

Last weekend, I headed off to Virginia Beach for FursonaCon. I keep coming back to this furry con because among the cons I attend, they have the most fun, easy-going vibe and they like to try different things instead of borrowing ideas from other furry cons. This is the kind of con where, alongside the more usual panels and workshops, there is a panel where someone tried to do a Bob Ross painting in MS Paint. (It was probably the most hilarious panel in the con.)

There were no fursuit games this time, although that's par for the course as this kind of event has been on its way out for a while. There was a short and sweet fursuit parade, which went from the main events ballroom through the dealers room and finally to the hotel lobby for the photo shoot. With 155 fursuiters in the parade, we really filled up the hotel lobby! After the fursuit parade, I participated in a music video shoot, choreographed by achookitty, to the tune of Honey, I'm Good. It was fun to do. We had a two-hour block in the schedule to rehearse and video record the dance but it was simple enough that we finished early.

And finally, because I like to bring something back from each con that I made myself, I went to the sewing panel and made a furball keychain. There was a problem with the projector so we did not have the instructional video during the panel but it still wasn't too difficult.

July 10 2019


Anthrocon 2019

From July 3rd to July 8th, I was once again in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon. I shared a room at the Westin with Marauder and Joey Gatorman.

The biggest improvement I noticed this year was the change in the fursuit parade route. The parade now skips the dealers' den; it goes down to street level and ends in Hall D, conveniently next to the public meet-and-greet. Short and sweet. Only issue is they didn't have volunteers or staff to prefill cups with water at the destination hall, so lines of fursuiters had to wait at the water dispensers after finishing the parade. So there's a bit of room for improvement next year.

As usual, the Anthrocon schedule was full to the brim with all kinds of events and there wasn't a dull moment the whole weekend. I went to whatever interested me, which ended up being a mix of talks, shows, meet-ups, and how-to panels. At the sewing panel, I made a puppy squeaker keychain. Also played Jackbox, Are You A Werewolf, and Rabbit Island. The panel that I found the most interesting though was "The Blind Side", in which 3 blind furries shared stories and answered questions about how they found the fandom and how they live in a sighted world. Of course, there were the usual questions about whether a blind person sees anything in a dream and how a sighted person should and shouldn't interact with a blind person, but there were also things I hadn't thought of, such as leaving at least one light in the house on at night, even if they really don't need any lights, so the neighbors don't think that the house is unoccupied.

Overall, I thought this Anthrocon went very smoothly. The only issue that irked me happened on Sunday night at the Dead Dog Party. At the stroke of midnight, someone from the Westin came and ordered us to vacate the hotel conference levels. I thought that was rather abrupt and rude. At the time, I was resting in the fursuit lounge on the 3rd floor and had only been there a few minutes, so it was a bother to have to quickly suit up again and head to the elevators. In previous years, the dance would shut down promptly at midnight but we could still hang out in the area for a while after that. I'm not sure what the issue was this time, unless the hotel really needed the area early Monday morning.

March 19 2019


FurtheMore 2019

How exactly does one write the name of this furry con? Their website has "FurtheMore", "Fur the More", and "Fur The More". Their social media adds "Fur the 'More", with the apostrophe, which I think was the original way to spell it. Anyway, that's where I was for this past weekend, from March 14 to 18.

No trip to DC would be complete without a little side trip to a place of interest. Since I was getting some Flagstack dice flags (actually a lot of them!) in Fort Hunt, I went a bit farther down the road to take a look at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. My overall impression is it's a nicely preserved piece of history but the mall-style food court in front of the property looked really out of place.

Like last year's FurtheMore, I didn't fursuit much this year. I participated in the fursuit parade and the fursuit games, and wandered around in fursuit a bit on Saturday but that was about it. There weren't too many other fursuit-oriented activities if you aren't into dance competitions. The fursuit games this year were set up as a set of carnival games that you can play in any order you want. (Last year's FA United had a similar setup but with an olympics theme instead.) I thought some of those games were difficult to play in fursuit but still, with some luck and a whole lot of flailing, I got four prizes out of the five games.

I seem to be getting more and more into gaming activities nowadays. On Friday, I joined an escape room session. This is where my team had to figure out codes to unlock boxes and a safe. We got stuck on some puzzles and needed a couple of hints but with a two-minute extension, we completed the mission. Then in the evening, I played some Jackbox games in the video gaming room. These were all party games where you watch the monitor and answer questions on your smartphone. Somehow I did the best at the Patently Stupid game. This is a mock startup / venture capital game in which each player is given a problem and has to draw an invention to solve the problem. Then everyone decides which inventions to fund. On Saturday, I went to the loot brawl, a gift swap game. Then later, I went to the tabletop gaming room to play Telestrations. This game is a combination of Telephone and Pictionary, in which we take turns drawing something and guessing what was drawn, with hilarious results. On Sunday, I visited the tabletop gaming room again to play Spyfall 2. This game is similar to Werewolf, except we have to figure out which one person is the spy by asking questions about a meetup location while the spy has to figure out which location is the meetup location. All in all, there was a good variety of games at the con and I enjoyed those a lot.

Next year, FurtheMore will move from the Sheraton Tysons to the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, near the Reagan Washington National Airport and closer to downtown Washington DC. I thought it would be an interesting change until I found out that hotel parking is valet-only and costs $40/day! I heard FurtheMore will try to negotiate a parking discount, so I'll have to see what the parking rate they settle on. At the same time, this may be a nudge to try a different local con next year.

November 01 2018


Metro Gathering 2018

I was in Northern New Jersey October 18 thru 22 for Metro Gathering, the only geocaching mega event I've been attending annually. I went to fewer events this year than last year. Those were:
There was also a smaller geocaching event on Monday morning but I decided not to go to that one because I would've been busy packing up and getting ready to leave. The weekend was a good time as usual. There were the usual two sets of 10 lab caches that got everyone walking around Waterloo Village. Each lab cache location had a spooky item or setup from which one had to get a code word to enter into the mobile website to register a find. Some of the regular geocaches in the area had also been archived and relisted. Since I was there early, I found and logged those the day before the main event so I could focus on activities in the village during the main event.

After leaving the mega event, I went to the "NJ - Small Town Stanhope" Munzee event just down the road. Same as last year, the reason we had a separate Munzee event at a separate location is Space Coast Geo Store was forbidden from vending Munzee-related goods at the mega event. It was a short event because by the time we got there, we only had an hour or so before dusk. Still, we packed a lot in. In addition to capturing the event munzees around the little park, we also had cake and celebrated a fellow Munzer's birthday.

September 12 2018


FursonaCon 2018

Only two weeks after FA United, I went on a trip again, this time to Virginia Beach for FursonaCon. With only 424 attendees, this is the smallest con I attended this year. However, they have friendly and enthusiastic vibes all around. In addition, there were a number of panels and workshops with audience participation, so you're not just listening to someone talk. I quite enjoyed those.

The fursuit games (called Gladiator Games to fit this year's Ancient Rome theme) at this convention are unique in that they are spread out over three days with each game being its own event. The downside was each game was an elimination round so once you're out, you can't play the remaining games. I would prefer if everyone got to play every game, the way it was done the previous year. I played the scavenger hunt round but was eliminated in the trivia-bowling round, more because of bad bowling than the trivia. However, the prize from the first round was what I picked up in the scavenger hunt, which was a poster from FursonaCon 2017. Pretty nifty piece of history, and it's nice that the con found a way to reuse those.

The Hatoful panel was a lot of fun. It was Thursday evening, so I went to that right after arriving at the hotel, checking in, and picking up my badge. Hatoful Boyfriend is an interactive visual novel with some choices along the way that affect the direction of the story. There were lots of characters in the dialog. The panelists took the main characters but everyone in the audience could jump in and voice the secondary characters. I did three voices, two of them snooty characters but I really got into it. Even after the panel, I caught myself casually doing one of those voices when I went out shopping later that night.

The STEM Furs Meet and Greet had some really good discussion too. I've worked in software development for a long time so I had plenty to share and everyone else had a lot of special expertise too, so the hour really flew by. Another fun event was "If I fits, I sits", where fursuiters could play around with large boxes and squeakers, like a bunch of cats. The Jackbox Party Night was hilarious too. Imagine a room full of people joking around and tapping choices on their smartphones. We played Murder Trivia and Quiplash. Then there was the Nerd Congress panel, where we debated and voted on a number of make-believe laws for the fandom. And last but not least, I also went to the drawing workshop that was run by one of the guests of honor. I haven't done any art in years but it's good to know I still have some base level of skill.

To summarize, FursonaCon was a small con but with more interesting things going on than one would expect for this size of con. There were a lot of energy and a good vibe going the whole weekend. I would definitely return the next year.

August 29 2018


FA United 2018

The bad news is FA United has not recovered from its move to Virginia. Attendance in the last two years and this year were 539, 515, and 528, when prior to the move, it was 658. On the other hand, it should not matter. There is some upside to a small con. No wait and no lines for anything and the panel rooms are not overfilled. As in the previous two years, FAU was held at the Hyatt Regency Dulles, a pretty nice hotel in which every room is a suite.

As usual for this con, programming was a bit on the light side, especially on Sunday. However, there were actually more panels of interest to me this year. I noticed there were more games this time, probably because of new gaming staff. There were Bingo and escape rooms. The latter was done as a hand-made RPG-style board game with props. The Jungle John reptile and dinosaur shows were surprisingly entertaining. I had no idea this fellow was based here in Delaware. In between major events, I attended various panels on fursuiting, self-improvement, and other activities, and those actually filled up most of Friday and Saturday.

Furry Olympics, the fursuit games, was refreshingly different this year. They set up gaming stations in each of the four corners of the room to run simultaneously. So after leaving musical chairs, you can do the other four games in any order, bringing your scorecard to each gaming station and then to the final station for tabulation. I placed 4th in musical chairs, won twister, and did so-so in hula hoop, javelin throw, and fuzzball. (simplified variation of bocce) There were some minor problems but I have to say running the games in parallel saves a lot of time, even if it looks chaotic.

Overall impression: FAU is still a small con but I didn't feel like there was too little to see or do. I am pleased that they are continuing to make improvements and introduce new games, shows, and ideas.

July 14 2018


Anthrocon 2018

Last weekend, I was once again in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon, continuing my streak of attending every single Anthrocon so far. As usual, I got there a day early, on Wednesday, and stayed to Monday morning with roomies Marauder and Joey Gatorman.

Let's start with the improvements. I'm sure there were many more but of the two I noticed the most, the first was in scheduling. I'm glad they moved the fursuit games to Friday afternoon. I couldn't participate the last two years because it was in an early Sunday morning slot. The second improvement I noticed was they had pretty much eliminated the line for the fursuiter tag pickup. In previous years, they needed to do some recordkeeping to avoid giving out multiple tags to the same person. There were so many fursuiters picking up tags after the opening ceremony on Friday that even a slight delay resulted in a long line. This year, they simply punched a hole in the con badge and that was the indicator that the fursuiter had gotten a tag. Simple and clever. Of course, I've already heard people complaining that con badges are collectibles and should not have holes punched in them but I don't mind.

As usual, Anthrocon was an overwhelming mass of activities from morning to late night for three days (this year, actually three and a half days) in a row and that's the way I like it. I picked and chose panels, events, games, and meetups. I fursuited a lot more at this Anthrocon than the previous year's, probably to make up for the last few cons where I was a bit meh on that. And somehow, in the midst of all the activities, I found time to meet up with and chat with long-time friends. And in some cases, they found me.

Also as in past years, I took some side trips on the way to and on the way back from Pittsburgh. On the way to Pittsburgh, I stopped in Johnstown to capture some Munzees and in Greensburg for Munzees and lunch. (Had to use the special in the Primanti Bros app, of course!) On the way back from Pittsburgh, I had an overnight stay in Gettysburg. The battlefield park has many plaques, statues, and cannons, which reminded me of my visit to Valley Forge. I also visited the covered bridge on the edge of town, two of the observation towers, and some geological features. (Devil's Den, Little Round Top, and a stone bridge with dinosaur toe tracks) I didn't have a proper sightseeing plan for my visit so it's good that there were geocaches, munzees, and some Flagstack flags at all the key locations so I knew where to go.

July 03 2018


Rear-end collision

I guess I can write about this now that I'm essentially done with the claims process and the repair.

May 7, evening: I was returning home from work, a bit later than usual. I was approaching the intersection of the main road and my street, about a quarter mile from home. Two cars ahead. Driver in front braked and made a sudden turn into the corner gas station. Driver ahead of me had to stop quickly too. Then I had to hit the brakes too. A second later, I felt something hit the back of my car hard. The driver behind and I both pulled over and parked at the gas station. Called the police to make a police report and exchanged insurance information. The other party was a lady with a toddler. No one was hurt. My car had some rear-end damage: bumper scratched and a bit dislodged, exhaust pushed in. The entire front of her car was crumpled.

May 8: Called State Farm, which was the other party's insurance, to make a claim. I usually file a claim against the other party's insurance first, although I'm not sure that's the best strategy. Probably not in this case.

June 3: Received a letter of denial from State Farm. In the weeks before getting the letter, I talked to the State Farm representative a few times and it appears the other party's insurance was not valid at the time of the collision. It took them most of the month to investigate because they needed to be sure before denying the claim.

June 6: Went to Price Collision to get a repair estimate. Submitted it to my own insurance. Because I have a letter of denial, I can file the claim under my uninsured motorist coverage with a lower deductible. They told me they'll go after the other party to recoup the loss and refund this deductible, but I don't have much hope for that.

June 19: Car in for repairs at Price Collision. Got a rental from Enterprise down the road. This time, the rental is a Toyota 4Runner, a huge land barge. Land barge has a lot of newfangled features and is interesting to drive, but acceleration is not as good and it is harder to park and maneuver.

June 27: Repairs completed. Got my car back. New bumper, new exhaust, just as good as it was prior to the collision.

The annoying thing is it took nearly two months to get back to normal. It may have been better to file the claim with my own insurance next time and let them negotiate with the other party's insurance, even if I have to pay a higher deductible up front. In my defense though, up until this incident, the other party's insurance was valid every time so there was no delay.

April 26 2018


Fur The More 2018

So this past weekend, I was back at the Sheraton in Tysons Corner for Fur The More 2018. One thing I like about this con is they try new things. This time, it was a passport stamp sheet that you can get stamped at various locations and events. Fill in enough of the squares on the page and you get a prize. I got the first reward, which was a pin, but not the second. I think it's a good idea since it gets everyone to explore more of the con, even check out some events that one may not have thought of checking out. What I didn't like as much were some passport items that required spending money because it smells like pay-to-play, but there are enough free items to get the first reward at least. Also, they should've made the passport page non-glossy so the stamp ink won't smudge. Maybe next time.

I didn't fursuit as much at this con. I was in the fursuit parade and the fursuit games, and I did a bit more fursuiting on Saturday evening but that was about it. There wasn't much else to do in fursuit at the con. Instead, I found a lot more panels and events of interest. I watched the Japanese tea ceremony. I learnt how to keep a bullet journal, how to make an interactive story with Ren'Py, and how to play Sushi Go. I colored a premade badge. I went to the astronomy party. It was cloudy that night but we used the big telescopes to see the moon and 3 stars. I also went to both loot brawls, panels on contracts and LLCs (presented by lawyers in the fandom), and the furry cringe stories panel. So there was a lot to watch and learn anyway.

Of course no trip this close to Washington DC is complete without a trip into DC. I went twice, on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, I stopped at several stations along the Silver and Red Metro rail lines to capture munzees, ending at the Eastern Market for dinner and two geocaches. Friday's foray was more touristy. I took the Metro to McPherson Square and walked to Lafayette Square and the White House, or as close as they'd let me get.

January 30 2018


Patuxent Ponds

16 years ago, I lived in Northern New Jersey and I used to travel very far from home because at the time, geocaches were few and far between. One of those overnight trips brought me to Odenton, south of Baltimore, and to Patuxent Ponds Park. This park has two ponds. From the parking area, it was a short walk on the trail to the larger of the two ponds in the back section of the park. The geocache was tethered to a shrub on a small island in that larger pond. There was a fallen tree branch across the short stretch of water and I figured I could walk (well, half walk and half crawl) across that tree branch to the island. I made it out to the island and back, although it was a bit hazardous because the tree branch was unsteady and a bit slippery. However, it was an exciting way to finish off the day before getting crabcakes for dinner in Odenton.

I'm not as far from Odenton now but for some reason, I never went back to that area in 16 years. This past Sunday, I took a trip to Laurel for Flagstack since that town has become quite a hub of emerging smartphone-GPS gameplay. Then I switched over to Munzee and noticed some goodies in the Odenton area. Very little about that area was familiar to me until I got close to Patuxent Ponds, where I was stopping to capture a pegasus munzee. When I took a walk back to the larger pond, suddenly it all came back to me. The layout of the pond and trail was familiar. The island was still there, although it's now a bit farther from the bank than I remember so there could have been some erosion or change in water level.

Anyway, that was a great revisit and it's neat how I remember the area just because of a thrilling experience. Maybe I'll be back again in another 16 years, if not sooner, for a different game.

November 29 2017


Delaware Furbowl 62 (Nov 25, 2017)

DE Furbowl had been postponed since October 2015 while they searched for another suitable bowling alley. In truth though, I wouldn't have been able to make it to many of those. Schedules have gotten pretty full and I had other things to do most of the time. So even though DE Furbowl started again in June, this was the first month I was free enough to consider attending. (Actually there was also a Flagstack event the same weekend, but luckily it was on Sunday so there was no schedule conflict.)

The big surprise: the new location is the New Castle Bowlerama, only about a quarter of a mile from home! How convenient. This bowling alley is bigger than the previous one. The parking area, especially, was ample and there were no parking issues, unlike at the AMF Prices Corner. The inside of this bowling alley seemed more spacious too. There was room to walk around without constantly bumping into other people. However, we didn't have a big party room reserved this time so the fursuit lounge area got rather congested at times. On the plus side, there were comfy chairs and sofas in the fursuit lounge. That's a very nice touch, like a celebrity green room.

Aside from that, it's pretty much the same Furbowl I knew. I met up with some friends, fursuited around the bowling alley a bit, and got into the group photo. That was about it. I'll try to attend another one during the winter months before things get busy again.

November 01 2017


Metro Gathering 2017

What a weekend! I went to Central and Northern New Jersey and attended four events. Those were "This little cacher wants a burger" at The Burger Shop in Matawan on Thursday, the "Pre-Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet" at the Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation on Friday, "2017 Metro Gathering ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" on Saturday, and Small Town Stanhope, NJ later that Saturday. All those were geocaching events, except for the last one, which was a Munzee event.

In years past, there have been Thursday evening events in Central Jersey before the mega event. I just haven't been going out of my way for those. This year though, I decided to go a bit east to Matawan to meet up with those folks, even though that meant I'd be late getting to the hotel. The Bacon Royal Burger at The Burger Shop wasn't really that spectacular, but the chance to meet up with a few Central Jersey geocachers, who I hadn't seen in years since I stopped going to the Central Jersey events regularly, was priceless.

On Friday, I puttered around the Budd Lake, Netcong, and Flanders area, getting some Munzees and geocaches. A big plus to only coming to this area once a year is I had a lot to choose from in the various GPS games. Well, except for Flagstack, which hardly anyone seems to play over there, but its time will come. In the evening, I headed over to the scout camp for the Pre-Metro Gathering event. It was a pot luck dinner in a rustic dining hall, featuring spooky food such as a meat corpse. Signal, the geocaching mascot, made an appearance.

Saturday was the big event: Metro Gathering in historic Waterloo Village, which had been decorated with all kinds of Halloween stuff, including a mock graveyard, the Headless Horseman, and a spider skeleton. The entrance to the village was like a fair with exhibitors and vendors, and even a pumpkin carving contest. Mostly though, I went for a hike with other geocachers through the village for the 20 special lab caches and the themed Wherigo cache, and spent a lot of time talking to the North Jersey and Long Island geocachers on various things that have happened in the area while I was away. There was a fair amount of gossip and griping, which I'm not going to detail here. Suffice to say there are two sides to every issue. (Unless you're in the Octagon Society. Then there are eight sides to every issue.)

After Metro Gathering, I went down the road to Riverside Park to meet up with a smaller group for the "Small Town Stanhope, NJ" Munzee event. We had some event munzees placed around the park and adjacent trail. Couldn't stay too long though because the event started pretty close to sundown. I found out the reason that there had to be a separate Munzee event was Space Coast Geo Store was forbidden from vending Munzee-related goods at Metro Gathering. It's a new rule imposed by Groundspeak, the company running the geocaching website. If they find any Munzee stuff at a mega event, they'll yank the "mega" status. I spoke to a number of people about this and everyone thought it was a stupid rule and would hurt geocaching in the long run. A lot of people play both Munzee and geocaching so this kind of separation makes no sense. Munzee and Flagstack, on the other hand, don't mind if we mix games and even encourage it by offering "co-exist" badges for multi-game events.

Thursday 2017-10-26:

Park and grab (New Jersey)
Quick Cache (New Jersey)
"Wash" You Were Here! (New Jersey)
Fun Flag Geocache (New Jersey)
This little cacher wants a burger (New Jersey)

Friday 2017-10-27:

Dead End (New Jersey)
flashlighttreecache? (New Jersey)
Land Shark (New Jersey)
Our First Geocache! (New Jersey)
S3K #31 (New Jersey)
Girl Scouts For Life (New Jersey)
Kiwanis hike (New Jersey)
Blue Trail Beginning or End (New Jersey)
R3J #3 (New Jersey)
KV1267 ()
S3K #6 (New Jersey)
Sussex Branch Railroad (New Jersey)
Waterloo Station PR#1 (New Jersey)
The "Morris" Explodes PR#2 (New Jersey)
Jefferson Lake Bike Trail (New Jersey)
Pre~Metro Gathering Mega Meet and Greet (New Jersey)

Saturday 2017-10-28:

The Headless Boatman of Waterloo Village (New Jersey)
2017 Metro Gathering ~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (New Jersey)

Monday 2017-10-30:

Happy 4th of July 2017 Iron Post Tree (New Jersey)
Cache me ousside how bow dah (New Jersey)

October 19 2017


FursonaCon 2017

So this past weekend was my last furry convention of the year: FursonaCon at Holiday Inn in the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area. It's also the smallest one of the year, with only 297 attendees. (79 fursuiters in the fursuit parade) Funny thing is I think I enjoyed it the most of the four cons I attended this year. There wasn't much programming so that left plenty of time to relax, chat, and fursuit. The local furries are very hospitable. They didn't know me or where I was from ("Remind me again where Delaware is?" said one of them, probably half-jokingly.) but I was just short of dragged to a room party the first night of the con. Of course, with only a few hundred attendees, we didn't have the whole hotel to ourselves but the people from the two wedding parties we shared the hotel with were also very nice and wanted photos with all the fursuiters.

The fursuit games were run differently from other cons. Instead of having all the games as one long event, they split it into multiple short events, one game per event. I thought that was much less tiring. Plus, that meant each game had prizes. I didn't do so well in fursuit dodgeball, but my team won trophies in fursuit hockey. Because there weren't many fursuiters, the parade was short and quick and we got fish tags (for the Atlantis theme) at the end of it. One other benefit to a small con: there was never a wait at the photo room and so I got these wonderful lightstick photos.

Biggest downside though was the hotel. While some parts of the hotel were new and fairly up-to-date, my room wasn't. The faucet was loose. The power socket was loose. Lamp fixtures were rusty. The air conditioner was weak. Housekeeping on my floor lacked attention to detail. They forgot various items and even forgot to service my room the first day. Also there was a musty odor in the hotel corridors and some of the meeting rooms. On the plus side, my room had a refrigerator and microwave oven, which helped a lot because that meant I could buy some groceries and not have to contend with that ridiculous 12.6% restaurant tax in the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area.

What would the weekend be without GPS games? I found 6 geocaches on the trip. They were mostly very easy, even though two of them were rated 5 stars and one 3.5 stars. Surprisingly, the cache that took the most time to find was rated only 1 star. One of the 5-star caches was a pretend 5-star but aside from that, I'm not sure how difficulty ratings work any more. The star of the weekend though was Munzee. That area is packed with pins! On the evening of my arrival, I was up to 3,624 captures when I decided I'd better get back to the hotel! I got 290 more on Sunday evening and over a thousand more on the way home, but even then, it looks like I've barely scratched the surface.

September 21 2017


Goodbye, Joyent

This is an update to End of a Lifetime from five years ago.

When TextDrive ended, I took up Joyent's offer for five years of Joyent Cloud hosting, which came in the form of a credit balance roughly equal to five years of hosting on a 512MB Joyent SmartMachine. Well, that credit balance finally ran out this month. Joyent's $22/month fee is actually rather steep nowadays for VPS hosting. After investigating a number of VPS providers, I opened a Linode account and set up a lowest-tier node there. It's $5/month for a Linode 1024 and I got the first 4 months free as a signup bonus. Then I moved my websites and domains over. I haven't done that in years, so it took a bit of research to find out how to set everything up but with the wealth of how-to articles and example configurations out there, it's actually easier now than it was the last time. And finally, I shut down and deleted my Joyent Cloud instance so they'll stop billing.

So with Joyent's extension, the TextDrive "lifetime" offer lasted 12 years. Even though it wasn't the lifetime that they originally promised, 12 years of hosting is a decent length of time for the money. Going forward though, I won't consider any more such deals unless they break even within a fairly short time.

September 01 2017


FA United 2017

This past weekend, I went to FA United 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in Herndon, VA. There was also a pair of Flagstack events on the other side of Washington, DC, so I left the con Sunday afternoon to attend those.

I arrived in the DC area Thursday afternoon, so there was time for a Munzee-capping spree in downtown Washington DC. I took the Metro from Reston Station. I hit the National Mall and saw some sculptures. The boulder with a face on the car makes me think it's time to start paying attention to those "falling rock" signs. I also went to Chinatown for dinner, which was something I didn't get to do on my previous DC trip in April.

As for FAU itself, I treated the con as a relaxacon, just like I did in previous years. It looked like the con had a bit more programming this year than last year but I didn't feel like I had to go to everything. I hit a couple of panels, went to both loot brawls, and walked in the fursuit parade. Also fursuited in short bursts a bunch of times, went to the dance but only on Friday, and played some tabletop games. Also had a lot of couch time. Hey, I had a hotel suite all to myself. Might as well enjoy it!

Then on Sunday, I went to the Flagstack events in Fort Hunt and Alexandria. They posted two events a few miles apart, because apparently, they could deploy more party flags this way. The eight of us met up at a picnic table in a park in Fort Hunt. Then we split up into three cars. From there on, it was a drive around town with everyone capturing as many flags as possible. We went around the Fort Hunt area first to capture the first batch of flags. Then we went to the second event site in Alexandria and then drove around that part of town to get the other bunch of flags. Then we returned to Fort Hunt via a different route to get more flags along the way. The only snag was we had some problems with cell phone reception in Fort Hunt and between Alexandria and Fort Hunt, which is surprising considering how close the area was to DC. Aside from that though, it was a lot of fun, almost like a video game in the real world. And we're already planning another Flagstack event in Laurel this October.

August 15 2017


Atlantic City, South Jersey, 365-day streaks

One of the prizes you can get for attending a Munzee event is a virtual emerald munzee. Emerald munzees are assigned randomly to emerald gardens, which are groups of hundreds of emerald pins, usually arranged in the shape of a pin icon. Since there were a lot of events in July for Munzee's 6th birthday, new emerald gardens have been popping up all over the world. I noticed that one of those emerald gardens was in Atlantic City, so that's where I went on Saturday.

There it is. Splat, right on the beach! Hope Caesars doesn't mind. :) I also went to Brigantine to capture a nascent munzee garden. I think it's a boat but the shape is unclear now. Unfortunately, it was too rainy for a walk along the beach so I left the area after that.

A number of things happened on Sunday, but the most significant of those was I finally completed my 365-day Munzee capture and deploy streaks and got two more super streak badges! I would not say it's easy because doing anything every single day for a whole year takes some dedication, but it's more doable than a geocaching streak because of the sheer number of munzees out there and the different ways to play the game.

After hitting that milestone, I spent the rest of Sunday in Mount Laurel, Mount Holly, Willingboro, Beverly, and Cinnaminson, the area with so many munzees that even local munzers haven't gotten everything. Since I passed through the downtown part of Mount Holly, I stopped to take a look at the Shinn Curtis Log House, a log cabin that is three centuries old. Funny thing is dinner that evening was also in a 300-year-old building, so South Jersey has a lot of those historic structures.

Saturday 2017-08-12:

1: Yeti Munzee #643 by JasperCottage
2: Yeti Munzee #1061 by raunas
3: Oh Crackers by bitwiz
4: Help box by jasnumbs
5: Do AC Virtual Resort Room #1 by rufnredy
6: Do AC Virtual Resort Room #2 by BAJACLAN
7: Do AC Virtual Resort by SJClyde
8: UnNamed's Garden Pin in Altlantic City, NJ by UnNamed
9: Atlantic city Garden Pin by Henning49
10: Garden Pin by Evi
11: Atlantic City Garden Pin. by Aukush
12: Garden Pin by I-spy
13: Garden Pin 2764 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Primdahl
14: Garden Pin by Kchiefz
15: Garden Pin by Bladenhorst
16: Boardwalk 5 by aufbau
17: Gargoyle's AC Garden #2 by gargoyle18
18: Garden Pin by stanleyseekers
19: Garden Pin by Sanli
20: Garden Pin by WarMadJohn
21: Garden Pin by shrekmiester
22: Garden Pin by MariaBr
23: Garden Pin 6 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by KFUMunzee
24: Crossbow Munzee by FireKat
25: Mystery Virtual Munzee by jayterho
26: Garden Pin by LegoNater
27: Garden Pin 707 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Olivia
28: Let's Party by globe17
29: Garden Pin by 4WDNROX
30: Garden Pin by ka
31: Garden Pin, New Jersey ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
32: Garden Pin by crazynight
33: Atlantic City Garden Pin by OHail
34: Emerald Pin - AtlanticCity, NJ by thelanes
35: Garden Pin Atlantic City, NJ #2 by MeLa
36: Garden Pin by pikeike76
37: Atlantic City Emerald by Traveler97
38: Boardwalk 2 by aufbau
39: Garden Pin by Rekars
40: Garden Pin by pegrob
41: Garden Pin by MrsTandJ
42: Garden Pin by Anetzet
43: Gargoyle's AC Garden Pin by gargoyle18
44: Garden Pin by hoss45
45: Atlantic City Garden Pin#1 by MetteS
46: Garden Pin by N7MFT
47: Garden Pin by Cucus
48: 64. Atlantic City - Tku-6v by Sivontim
49: Atlantic City (NJ) Emerald Pin by Attis
50: Garden Pin by Deafdillos
51: Garden Pin Atlantic city by Jennbaby82
52: Garden Pin by valj519
53: Do not pass go! by Tjsharky
54: Atlantic City Garden Pin#2 by MetteS
55: Broman7's New Jersey Garden Pin by Broman7
56: Garden Pin by Sassygal
57: Garden Pin by laceepacee
58: MVM White by FireKat
59: DH๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡บGarden Pin Atlantic City by DrentseHooglander
60: Ceasars Beach/Pier/Mall? by nora1
61: Garden Pin by smukke
62: Garden Pin by stormpies079
63: Atlantic City Emerald Garden Pin by CCG99
64: Atlantic City Garden Pin by Heinerup
65: RR-Atlantic City Emerald by QueenofDNile
66: Bombora Garden Pin by SpySmurf
67: Leusink's Garden Pin Atlantic City by Leusink
68: Garden Pin by Iiness
69: Atlantic City NJ Emerald by PeachesnCream
70: Under The Boardwalk Emerald by KlassicKelly
71: Garden Pin by Codeyharrison0
72: Atlantic City Emerald by humbird7
73: Garden Pin by ScotuFlash
74: Mandy's Garden Pin in Atlantic City by taiska1255
75: Garden Pin by Jyden67
76: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by dew5077
77: A birthday gift from Munzee 2017 by Lisaeric2016
78: Garden Pin by crashbum
79: Garden Pin by brawnybear
80: Alantc Garden Pin by munzeefarmor
81: Garden Pin by richardg01
82: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
83: Garden Pin by Candy32712
84: Atlantic City Garden Pin by HB31
85: Garden Pin by MamaPad
86: Garden Pin Atlantic City, NJ #1 by MeLa
87: Emerald from Australia by belladivadee
88: Garden Pin by Jewa12
89: Garden Pin by vira
90: Atlantic City, NJ Garden Pin by AngelGirl
91: Atlantic City - Garden Pin #13808 by winkide
92: Garden Pin by TXhappycamper
93: Garden Pin by PurpleRose4HIM
94: Garden Pin by JensTh
95: Atlantic City NJ MVG #7255 by Annika
96: Garden Pin by littlestangel
97: Garden Pin by bratwurstbude
98: Garden Pin by PompeyAquila
99: AC Boardwalk by bitwiz
100: Atlantic City Garden 2935 by jarcc
101: Garden Pin 709 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by Olivia
102: Atlantic City Virtual by bitwiz
103: Garden Pin A.C. by bearmomscouter
104: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by einkilorind
105: Garden Pin, Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by shyme
106: Atlantic City NJ Emerald by monrose
107: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
108: Atlantic City, NJ, USA Emerald by DolphinJo
109: AC by Keebs
110: Garden Pin by Adnshe
111: Atlantic City - Garden Pin by SammyDiddly
112: 6th Birthday reward - SL17 - Atlantic City by Eskiss
113: Garden Pin by MunzeeMoses
114: PL - Atlantic City Emerald Garden - Garden Pin by PreciousLinda
115: RePes Garden Pin in Atlantic City by RePe
116: Crossbow Munzee by Cren110
117: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by WE4NCS
118: Atlantic City Boardwalk by mding4gold
119: AC by Keebs
120: Garden Pin by JSPRX
121: Boardwalk 1 by aufbau
122: Garden Pin by Brando567
123: Garden Pin by OBC
124: Sophia0909 Garden Pin Atlantic City USA by Sophia0909
125: Garden Pin by Jyden67
126: Garden Pin by TBandit
127: Atlantic City Garden Pin from Finland by jukkas
128: boardwalk 3 by aufbau
129: Atlantic City Garden Pin by rosieree
130: Garden Pin by naturelover
131: Garden Pin by Codeyharrison0
132: Garden Pin by ivwarrior
133: Atlantic City Pier by markcase
134: Nov64's Garden Pin ~ Atlantic City by Nov64
135: Zniffer Atlantic City Garden Pin #3817 by Zniffer
136: Atlantic City, NJ Garden Pin by SLAUGY
137: MV1 Atlantic City NJ by MV1
138: Garden Pin by sidekicks
139: Garden Pin by EagleDadandXenia
140: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
141: Gargoyle's AC Garden by gargoyle18
142: Garden Pin by Clausjsk
143: NJ Garden Pin by Lewatkin
144: Garden Pin by Grux
145: Garden Pin by Anni998
146: Garden Pin by MrsBoots09
147: Garden Pin by Chocolatefairy
148: Garden Pin by exploringisfun
149: Hello Atlantic City! by acclanman
150: Garden Pin by tartu61
151: Garden Pin Atlantic City NJ by lorimar
152: Garden Pin. Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
153: Garden Pin by sfwife
154: Garden Pin by Cacherscott
155: Guarding the emerald garden in Atlantic City by ivwarrior
156: Garden Pin by wolf78
157: Garden Pin by Lissu
158: AC Flat Matt by bitwiz
159: Garden Pin by MiniPad
160: Garden Pin by RudiTeam
161: Garden Pin by Bladenhorst
162: Garden Pin by BonnieB1
163: Kevin Smith Emerald by daysleeperdot
164: Garden Pin by goldfish72
165: Munzee 6 years Celebration Pin by Tatzaa
166: Oswego IL Jackpot! by GollerMomma
167: denali in Atlantic City by denali0407
168: Garden Pin by JSPRX
169: Flat Rob by Keebs
170: Garden Pin by kimg023
171: Atlantic City Garden Pin by MrCB
172: Atlantic City(USA) Garden Pin from Hungary by pulsarxp
173: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
174: Garden Pin by Fuglebjerg
175: Garden Pin by Hitcher
176: mobility's Garden Pin by mobility
177: Garden Pin by voyager711
178: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
179: Boardwalk 6 by aufbau
180: Atlantic City - Garden Pin by Lanyasummer
181: Garden Pin by Ladymunzee
182: Atlantic City Emerald by Kapum
183: Garden Pin, Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EmmaHKJ
184: Garden Pin by Andy69
185: Atlantic City Garden Pin by BrianMoos
186: Garden Pin Atlantic city by Behr47
187: Alantic city garden pin by valmie
188: Garden Pin by Sandrius
189: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
190: Atlantic city Garden Pin by pilsleyguy
191: Garden Pin by Donavin301
192: Quick Deploy by Keebs by Keebs
193: Garden Pin by TheBitBandit
194: Garden Pin by KlassicKelly
195: Comfort Station, Believe It or Not! by nora1
196: Garden Pin by senni98
197: Garden Pin Atlantic City by FINDER400
198: Garden Pin by rheinrich65
199: Boardwalk 4 by aufbau
200: ATLANTIC CITY NJ Garden Pin by turnersrugs
201: Garden Pin by MaryShelley
202: Garden Pin 6 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EstherMarie
203: Garden Pin by jsamundson
204: Garden Pin by Stumblefoot
205: Garden Pin by Lachzee
206: Munzee Birthday Event 2017 by OCMomkat61
207: DaZie62's Garden Pin #7 - Atlantic City NJ by dazie62
208: Garden Pin Atlantic City by levesund
209: Garden Pin by leevisvard
210: Garden Pin by 16red
211: Garden Pin by TheMachman
212: Garden Pin by tartu61
213: Garden Pin by rebelacts
214: Garden Pin by AksuB
215: Garden Pin by SJULLE
216: Garden Pin by babyw
217: Garden Pin by Jyden67
218: Atlantic City USA Garden Pin by vranda
219: Atlantic City Garden Pin by jfigel
220: Garden Pin by 2JP
221: Garden Pin by HelLin
222: Garden Pin by K6ha
223: Atlantic City Garden Pin by divernick
224: Garden Pin by Itsallclosed
225: Garden Pin by Dibcrew
226: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by machierp
227: Garden Pin 5 Atlantic City ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ by EstherMarie
228: Garden Pin by Germangirl
229: Garden Pin by randco2
230: Garden Pin by iamfull
231: Garden Pin by Jafo43
232: Garden Pin by martinp13
233: Garden Pin by Slinkymama
234: Garden Pin by Clausjsk
235: Garden Pin by magnacharge
236: Emerald - Atlantic City, NJ by pepsiman
237: Garden Pin by deeralemap
238: Garden Pin by webeon2it
239: Atlantic City by valsey
240: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
241: Garden Pin by MogwaiLiz
242: A.C. Mini golf by Jeeper32
243: Garden Pin by AZBookworm
244: AC Flat Rob by bitwiz
245: Quick Deploy by Keebs by Keebs
246: AC 7/18/17 by aufbau
247: FRLK @ Atlantic City, NJ by FRLK
248: Atlantic City Garden Pin 2 by OHail
249: Garden Pin by senni98
250: Garden Pin - Atlantic City by Questing4
251: 6th Birthday reward - SL17 - Atlantic City by Eskiss
252: Garden Pin by Sunshine76
253: Atlantic City Garden Pin by FlipperFamily
254: Ducktown, Atlantic City -Garden Pin by hani7
255: Crossbow Munzee by Cren110
256: Antlantic City Garden by Kricketracks
257: Garden Pin by JohanneHviid34
258: Garden Pin by jafigel
259: Garden Pin by rita85gto
260: Rufs Resorts Resort Room #1 by BAJACLAN
261: Rufs Resorts Resort Room #2 by ahp42
262: Rufs Resorts Resort by rufnredy
263: B Boat by aufbau
264: Brigantine 857 by bitwiz
265: Brigantine 719 by bitwiz
266: Brigantine 1642 by bitwiz
267: SAIL HO! by HAWG
268: Brigantine Ship 1 by Jeeper32
269: Brig Brown 2 by aufbau
270: The Brigantine Lighthouse Virtual by Keebs
271: Brigantine Inn Virtual by Keebs
272: Brigantine 715 by bitwiz
273: Brigantine 974 by bitwiz
274: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
275: Brigantine by Keebs
276: Brigantine by Keebs
277: Brigantine by Keebs
278: MVM White by Keebs
279: Brigantine by Keebs
280: MVM White by Keebs
281: Brigantine by Keebs
282: Brig Brown 5 by aufbau
283: Brigantine by Keebs
284: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
285: Brig Brown 3 by aufbau
286: Hey, Pal! by Squonk
287: Brigantine by Keebs
288: Brig White by aufbau
289: B Boat by aufbau
290: Brigantine by Keebs
291: Brigantine by Keebs
292: Brig White by aufbau
293: Brigantine's Veteran Memorial Park by Keebs
294: Brigantine School Virtual by Keebs
296: Elks Lodge Virtual by Keebs
297: B Boat by aufbau
299: B Boat by aufbau
300: Brig virt by aufbau
301: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
302: B Boat by aufbau
303: Virtual Munzee by Keebs
304: Keebs Hollow Tree Virtual by Keebs
305: Brigantine 716 by bitwiz
306: B Boat by aufbau
307: Brigantine by Keebs
308: Brig Brown 4 by aufbau
309: Brig Brown by aufbau
310: One Way... Room #1 by bitwiz
311: One Way... Room #2 by aufbau
312: One Way... Room #3 by q21701
313: One Way... Room #4 by Keebs
314: One Way... by hikerfolk
315: AC rest stop by jasnumbs
316: Faun Munzee #1108 by seal
317: Lp by SJClyde
318: Unicorn Munzee #329 by Meredith16A
319: Fire Pump Service by SJClyde
320: Notice by mding4gold
321: Movies by mding4gold
322: No Parking by mding4gold
323: LP 24 by SJClyde
324: Leprechaun Munzee #308 by dayriesw
325: Land here! by njrainbow53
326: My virtual trip to NJ by mcidahoan
327: Craig's virtual by mcidahoan
328: Ruth's virtual by mcidahoan
329: Faun Munzee #626 by RebelGTP
330: Faun Bait by mding4gold
331: Faun Munzee #388 by NativenUK
332: Cooper Family Earth Bait by mding4gold
333: Dragon Munzee #1332 by miri68
334: Dragon Bait by mding4gold
335: Reserved by mding4gold
336: Radio Shack Family by mding4gold
337: W T Grants Store by mding4gold
338: Kennedy Fast Care by mding4gold
339: Grampy is Watching by mding4gold
340: Where Is The Water? by mding4gold
341: Let's Start A Community Garden by mding4gold
342: Planting Peas by mding4gold
343: We're Huntin Wrabbits by mding4gold
344: Leprechaun Munzee #1430 by DivineElephant
345: Shamrock Leprechaun Bait โ˜˜ by mding4gold
346: Ice Bait by mding4gold
347: PNC Bank by mding4gold
348: Station House Virtual by mding4gold
349: Dragon Bait by mding4gold
350: Unicorn Munzee #468 by DieZinis
351: Marlton Strip by bitwiz
352: Yeti Munzee #1111 by Ellolaa
353: Ice Mystery 8 by bitwiz
354: Penalty by mding4gold
355: Elmwood Business Park by mding4gold
356: Unicorn Munzee #1431 by par72
357: Riverfront by fsmtjohnson
358: Unicorn Munzee #726 by RescuePenguin
359: Unicorn Munzee #37 by Robby

Sunday 2017-08-13:

1: Hydra Munzee #1324 by Merrymunzee
2: rnr 920 by rufnredy
3: 618;; by aufbau
4: Lp by svilen1975
5: Hoagiefest by svilen1975
6: Yeti Munzee #1032 by Lanyasummer
7: Cold Beverage by Jeeper32
8: Yeti Munzee #1017 by Lally
9: Greenie by Keebs
10: No Parking by SJClyde
11: Hydra Munzee #243 by MMarshall
12: Anotherzee by aufbau
13: Bzzz by q21701
14: No idling by Jeeper32
15: 6 by Jeeper32
16: Vegetable at Crystal by aufbau
17: kennel by aufbau
18: Hydra Munzee #306 by Czechroo
19: lp by aufbau
20: lp motel Room #1 by NatureKlutz
21: lp motel Room #2 by UnNamed
22: lp motel Room #3 by bellacandy
23: lp motel Room #4 by bitwiz
24: lp motel Room #5 by abraithwaite908
25: lp motel by aufbau
26: short stop by aufbau
27: Yeti Munzee #678 by disneyfan4life85
28: Wally lp also by aufbau
29: Unicorn Munzee #1382 by Ernzee
30: eb by aufbau
31: jury duty by aufbau
32: Burlington County Prison Museum by aufbau
33: Dragon Munzee #84 by 4beefan
34: Fire! Lane by aufbau
35: A Munzee a Day keeps the Obsession at Bay! 2 by ThePacer
36: LP behind mattress firm by aufbau
37: A Munzee a Day... 6 by Bandyrooster
38: dp35 by aufbau
39: No parking by aufbau
40: A Munzee a Day... 6 by Bandyrooster
41: Play the Munzee Game 22 by ThePacer
42: Leprechaun Munzee #473 by MissAmerica1
43: Bowlzee by aufbau
44: Air Mail by aufbau
45: Munzee All Day Long 3 by Bandyrooster
46: old forgotten lp Room #1 by cptcranky
47: old forgotten lp Room #2 by ThePacer
48: old forgotten lp Room #3 by Bandyrooster
49: old forgotten lp Room #4 by SJClyde
50: old forgotten lp Room #5 by njrainbow53
51: old forgotten lp by aufbau
52: Hydra Munzee #13 by TrialbyFire
53: Water 3 by aufbau
54: Yeti Munzee #366 by schmitzfam4
55: ZO ice 1 by aufbau
56: Bigger green by aufbau
57: owltel Room #1 by cptcranky
58: owltel Room #2 by Kaluria
59: owltel Room #3 by wanderings
60: owltel Room #4 by Bandyrooster
61: owltel Room #5 by ThePacer
62: owltel by aufbau
63: stop again by aufbau
64: mo greenie by aufbau
65: mysterious sam by aufbau
66: cart by q21701
67: grapefruit by aufbau
68: Found a spot by aufbau
69: stop by aufbau
70: Walmart Security by aufbau
71: soda blue by aufbau
72: Green box at 1500 by aufbau
73: 8225 lp by aufbau
74: Round green by aufbau
75: Moo pole by aufbau
76: Just another lp by aufbau
77: LP at corner by aufbau
78: 207 green box by aufbau
79: 2303 lp by aufbau
80: 2307 lp by aufbau
81: Other side utility pole by aufbau
82: Artistic pools lp by aufbau
83: More utility pole by aufbau
84: Truck entrance by aufbau
85: Faun Munzee #1296 by scoutref
86: Private Property Camera Surveillance by mding4gold
87: Leprechaun Munzee #963 by Baggio
88: smoke free by aufbau
89: Yeti stop by Jeeper32
90: Greenie on Lp by mding4gold
91: Lakeview Motel Room #1 by bitwiz
92: Lakeview Motel Room #2 by aufbau
93: Lakeview Motel Room #3 by tugwake
94: Lakeview Motel Room #4 by Kaluria
95: Lakeview Motel Room #5 by wanderings
96: Lakeview Motel by cptcranky
97: Penalty by mding4gold
98: Strawbridge Motel Room #1 by aufbau
99: Strawbridge Motel Room #2 by bitwiz
100: Strawbridge Motel Room #3 by PirateRat
101: Strawbridge Motel Room #4 by tugwake
102: Strawbridge Motel Room #5 by svilen1975
103: Strawbridge Motel by cptcranky
104: Mt Laurel Corp Park Rob by bitwiz
105: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
106: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
107: Mt Laurel Corp Center MVM by bitwiz
108: Mt. Laurel Amethyst by aufbau
109: Mythical Bait by mding4gold
110: Dragon Munzee #441 by justustwo
111: Yeti Munzee #335 by laceepacee
112: Dragon Munzee #1334 by booboo1

August 07 2017


South Jersey, Baltimore

Saturday's trip was to Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and Willingboro in South Jersey. This area is pretty much inexhaustible for Munzee because the local Munzers keep deploying more of those. However, I wanted to capture some of the new air mysteries that they have deployed in Mount Laurel and Willingboro. These are fun. Capturing the virtual air mystery scatters some feather munzees in the vicinity. Capturing the feathers in turn scatters some golden feathers.

Sunday's trip was pretty simple. Went down I-95 from Newark to Baltimore, capturing Flagstack flags along the way. Found one geocache at the turnaround spot. Then from Baltimore back to Newark, I captured virtual munzees as well as some of the flags I missed on the way down. What's remarkable is the way Flagstack has grown recently. Just this quick there-and-back trip alone netted 258 flags! There are many more flags along the other roads around Baltimore but I decided to save those for another time. Finished up with a little walk on the James F Hall Trail in Newark for a few more munzees before an early dinner.

Saturday 2017-08-05:

1: Dragon Munzee #623 by winkide
2: Time Share Home Depot Room #4 by aufbau
3: Time Share Home Depot Room #2 by mding4gold
4: Time Share Home Depot Room #3 by POBowe
5: Time Share Home Depot by bitwiz
6: Home Depot by mding4gold
7: Sharknado by mding4gold
8: Home Depot Peas by mding4gold
9: Stop For Water by mding4gold
10: Water / Hydra Attractor by mding4gold
11: Here to Corner by mding4gold
12: Hydra Bait by mding4gold
13: Yeti Bait by mding4gold
14: Don't Even Think About Parking Here! by mding4gold
15: Here Dragon, Dragon, Dragon... by mding4gold
16: Play Indoors by aufbau
17: Yeti Bait by mding4gold
18: Faun Bait by mding4gold
19: Listen to the doctor by aufbau
20: Fire by mding4gold
21: Faun Bait by mding4gold
22: Listen to your wife by aufbau
23: Earth Bait by mding4gold
24: Stop For Unicorns ๐Ÿฆ„ by mding4gold
25: Yeti Munzee #1353 by Maxi72
26: Batter Up by mding4gold
27: Barrington Fence by mding4gold
28: Fence gate post by SJClyde
29: Electrical Box by mding4gold
30: Hydra Munzee #910 by Adnshe
31: Coals For The Holidays by africacher
32: Zone Motel Room #1 by bitwiz
33: Zone Motel Room #2 by aufbau
34: Zone Motel Room #3 by QueenBee
35: Zone Motel Room #4 by mding4gold
36: Zone Motel Room #5 by SJClyde
37: Zone Motel by cptcranky
38: Yeti Munzee #1399 by TylerB
39: Lp by Keebs
40: Lp by aufbau
41: Gate post by SJClyde
42: Unicorn Munzee #253 by GunnerSteve
43: clay stop by q21701
44: Southern Mystery by Crowew01
45: Jersey Mikes Mystery by AL2NJ
46: T Mobil fire lane by Crowew01
47: Stop here for BOA by strawsolid6
48: Dragon Munzee #786 by Sasquatchman
49: Under silver on lp by aufbau
50: Generic Name by aufbau
51: lp by q21701
52: boro motel Room #1 by Keebs
53: boro motel Room #2 by Qwade
54: boro motel Room #3 by cptcranky
55: boro motel Room #4 by Killshot
56: boro motel Room #5 by abraithwaite908
57: boro motel by aufbau
58: LP at JFK by aufbau
59: NJ Air by nyisutter
60: Feather Munzee #2886 by virtuals
61: Feather Munzee #2887 by virtuals
62: trash diamond by aufbau
63: Feather Munzee #2885 by virtuals
64: mile 1 by aufbau
65: Golden Feather Munzee #2903 by virtuals
66: Golden Feather Munzee #2901 by virtuals
67: Golden Feather Munzee #2902 by virtuals
68: litter not by aufbau
69: Golden Feather Munzee #2900 by virtuals
70: Golden Feather Munzee #2904 by virtuals
71: Golden Feather Munzee #2905 by virtuals
72: Aufbau's feathers by Jeeper32
73: electric motel Room #1 by cptcranky
74: electric motel by aufbau
75: Willingboro Air Mystery by bitwiz
76: Feather Munzee #2948 by virtuals
77: Feather Munzee #2943 by virtuals
78: Feather Munzee #2942 by virtuals
79: Yeti Munzee #60 by Sivontim
80: Ice by aufbau
81: Unicorn Munzee #188 by scoutref
82: Green light 2 by aufbau
83: Senseless deploy by aufbau
84: Dead mall LP timeshare by aufbau
85: Dragon Munzee #372 by lupinchen
86: Dragon Bait 6 by bitwiz
87: A Windy Day in Moorestown by Aronk76
88: Feather Munzee #3058 by virtuals
89: also Mo 6/4/17 by aufbau
90: Golden Feather Munzee #3070 by virtuals
91: Golden Feather Munzee #3068 by virtuals
92: Moorestown 'mater by SJClyde
93: Mo 6/4/17 by aufbau
94: Feather Munzee #3056 by virtuals
95: Golden Feather Munzee #3069 by virtuals
96: Right in front for Cranky by aufbau
97: Leprechaun Munzee #574 by MNBuckeyeFan
98: Just visiting by Jeeper32
99: Unicorn Munzee #490 by Jafo43
100: Springdale 2 sham by bitwiz
101: Woodcrest Dino by mding4gold
102: Stop by aufbau

Sunday 2017-08-06:

1: 113/365 by haalitip
2: Wawa red by 1974gorilla
3: Another wawa by 1974gorilla
4: 95 Room #1 by bitwiz
5: 95 Room #2 by Keebs
6: 95 Room #3 by jfigel
7: 95 Room #4 by jafigel
8: 95 Room #5 by Jb850
9: 95 Room #6 by haalitip
10: 95 Room #7 by 1974gorilla
11: 95 Room #8 by cpmunz
12: 95 Room #9 by ivwarrior
13: 95 Room #10 by RonEdmiston
14: 95 Room #11 by LedaEkim
15: 95 Room #12 by Kaluria
16: 95 Room #13 by wanderings
17: 95 Room #14 by LadyCoconut
18: 95 Room #15 by HB31
19: 95 by aufbau
20: Virtual Munzee by haalitip
21: Virtual Munzee by haalitip
22: Surprise Munzee by haalitip
23: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #1 by BAJACLAN
24: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #2 by ahp42
25: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #3 by RangerTJ
26: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #4 by cachewhisperer
27: Rnr 95/695 kenwood Room #5 by cpmunz
28: Rnr 95/695 kenwood by rufnredy
29: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #1 by BAJACLAN
30: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #2 by ahp42
31: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #3 by RangerTJ
32: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #4 by cachewhisperer
33: Rnr I95/695 rossville Room #5 by cpmunz
34: Rnr I95/695 rossville by rufnredy
35: I95 white Marsh VR Room #1 by BAJACLAN
36: I95 white Marsh VR Room #2 by ahp42
37: I95 white Marsh VR Room #3 by cachewhisperer
38: Rnr I95 white Marsh VR Room #4 by cpmunz
39: Rnr I95 white Marsh VR by rufnredy
40: Aberdeen Ripken Room #1 by BAJACLAN
41: Aberdeen Ripken Room #2 by ahp42
42: Aberdeen Ripken Room #3 by RangerTJ
43: Aberdeen Ripken Room #4 by cachewhisperer
44: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR Room #5 by cpmunz
45: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR Room #6 by Lisaeric2016
46: Rnr Aberdeen Ripken VR by rufnredy
47: Ripken Stadium by hksfarm
48: I-95 To GW XV Virtual by EagleDadandXenia
49: MVM White by Zoeyrox216
50: Safari Bus 95 Perryville by LilCrab
51: Quick Deploy By dollyfinn by dollyfinn
52: I-95 by aufbau
53: Hydra Munzee #178 by Nov64
54: F15 by codyhollowfarm
55: UD James F Hall trail by GmomS
56: It's a Beautiful Day! by TutTheGreat
57: UD Great day for a walk by GmomS
58: Newark Fire by GmomS
59: Newark walk this way by GmomS
60: Shark Invasion at Starbucks by Kareysue
61: Trev's Brewery Tour 2: Iron Hill Brewery by rlt006
62: Unicorn Munzee #262 by zeusi

July 25 2017


Laurel, Flagstack event, and South Jersey

Saturday's trip was to Laurel, Maryland, for the DMV Birthday Party Flagstack event. This event was in the late afternoon, so there was plenty of time to capture some Munzees and some flags, and even find 4 geocaches, before it was time to meet up. The only snag was a big rainstorm rolled through the area in the mid-afternoon. I was parked right in front of "Contee Cache" when the storm came in, so I had a good 15 minutes to think about this 4-star difficulty cache while waiting for the rain to slow to a drizzle. Great part is when I finally started looking, I had already read all the logs and narrowed the possibilities down quite a bit, so it took only 3 seconds to spot the cache!

The Flagstack event was really different from other events I'd attended so far. There were only 6 of us and we met in the parking lot of the Laurel Boys and Girls Club. (which used to be, and still looks like, a school building) After some conversation, we got in to DudleyGrunt's car for a whirlwind tour of Flagstack flags around Laurel. In contrast to Munzee, nearly all Flagstack flags are virtual. So all the passengers can capture those on their smartphones while someone drives around. We got nearly all the party flags (which had been deployed for the event), green flags, adventure flags, white flags, oracle flags, a dice flag, and even a number of jumper flags as they popped up around town. There was also one treasure flag, which was the only physical flag of the day. DudleyGrunt parked the car on the side of the road and we all got out to scan the data matrix. Most of those flag types are ones that I typically don't see anywhere else, so I'm glad there's at least one area within daytrip range with enough active Flagstack players to have those.

Sunday's trip was to South Jersey again. This time, I started in Atco and Berlin. One of the Munzee areas was around an abandoned Kmart. Not much was going on in that shopping center but it's perfect for Munzee activity because there's hardly any traffic. After that, I hit the usual hotspots - Woodcrest, Mount Laurel, Westampton, and Willingboro - before getting some groceries at the Asian food market and saladification at Charlie Brown's in Woodbury. Although it's a chain restaurant, this particular location is rather unusual. It is housed in an old-fashioned 18th century inn with all kinds of crazy narrow passageways and split levels. The dining area probably used to be the reading room or some such and still has bookcases on the wall.

Saturday 2017-07-22:

1: Dragon Munzee #556 by Juniorschleicher01
2: Yeti Munzee #276 by Brighteyes75
3: Salt and by aufbau
4: Dragon Munzee #857 by jfigel
5: Hot Shoppes Fire by theirishduo
6: My Guardian Angel Series 12 by DakodalovesTommy
7: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
8: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
9: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
10: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
11: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
12: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
13: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
14: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
15: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
16: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
17: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
18: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Fangirlbaconeater
19: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
20: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
21: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
22: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
23: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
24: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
25: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
26: Virtual Resort Room #3 by PirateRat
27: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Fangirlbaconeater
28: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
29: Ripken Stadium by hksfarm
30: Submarine by DisneyScout
31: I95 RS Diamond by jfigel
32: Submarine by DisneyScout
33: I 95 Rest by ozzy1602
34: I 95 RS.Diamond by jfigel
35: Maryland Purple Heart Trail by DisneyScout
36: Sleepy Pilot by LadyCoconut
37: Horse by ozzy1602
38: Rest Stop Trash MD by bitwiz
39: I-95 & MD 198 VM by DudleyGrunt
40: Dragon Munzee #908 by dekaper
41: Activity Greenie 10 by jfigel
42: Faun Munzee #333 by Big100HD
43: jafigel Laurel Commuter 4 by jafigel
44: Commute 2 by ozzy1602
45: Laurel PNR 5 by jfigel
46: Sapphire Restaurant & Sports Bar by DisneyScout
47: Laurel shopping by Calvertcachers
48: Town Center Motel Room #1 by ozzy1602
49: Town Center Motel Room #2 by cpmunz
50: Town Center Motel Room #3 by jfigel
51: Town Center Motel Room #4 by Winsomesmile
52: Town Center Motel Room #5 by BAJACLAN
53: Town Center Motel by DudleyGrunt
54: Library RUM Geohobbies by jfigel
55: Jafigel Barn by jafigel
56: Laurel Walking Tour 08 by DudleyGrunt
57: Nando's by iamfull
58: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 5 by DudleyGrunt
59: Stanley's gum by iamfull
60: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 4 by DudleyGrunt
61: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 3 by DudleyGrunt
62: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 2 by DudleyGrunt
63: Towne Centre Laurel - MV 1 by DudleyGrunt
64: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
65: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
66: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
67: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
68: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
69: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
70: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
71: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
72: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
73: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
74: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
75: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
76: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
77: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
78: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
79: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
80: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
81: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
82: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
83: coming home from the beach by ozzy1602
84: Heading to the beach by ozzy1602
85: Ready to invade by ozzy1602
86: Muscle Car by ozzy1602
87: Dragon Munzee #106 by Shrewz
88: ROFO Queenstown Fire by jfigel
89: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
90: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
91: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
92: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
93: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
94: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
95: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
96: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
97: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
98: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
99: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
100: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
101: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
102: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
103: Virtual Resort Room #3 by harmony25
104: Virtual Resort Room #4 by Cyclist81550
105: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
106: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
107: Virtual Resort Room #1 by theirishduo
108: Virtual Resort Room #2 by SueBee22
109: Virtual Resort Room #3 by Cyclist81550
110: Virtual Resort Room #4 by harmony25
111: Virtual Resort Room #5 by cpmunz
112: Virtual Resort by CoalCracker7
113: Leprechaun Munzee #333 by ryves

Sunday 2017-07-23:

1: Beach Bound Virtual Resort by bitwiz
2: Atco Train Station Mystery Virtual Munzee by bitwiz
3: Atcu Muscle Car by SJClyde
4: Flat Rob Rides NJ Transit by Keebs
5: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
6: Faun Munzee #1393 by pesekjm
7: Faun Bait 5 by bitwiz
8: Atco train by bitwiz
9: Dragon Bait 1 by bitwiz
10: Lp by SJClyde
11: Atco Train 1 by bitwiz
12: Atco Train 2 by Keebs
13: Atco Train Station Motel Room #1 by wanderings
14: Atco Train Station Motel Room #2 by Kaluria
15: Atco Train Station Motel Room #3 by cptcranky
16: Atco Train Station Motel Room #4 by tugwake
17: Atco Train Station Motel Room #5 by svilen1975
18: Atco Train Station Motel by bitwiz
19: Lp by SJClyde
20: parking for commuters by aufbau
21: Atco Train 3 by bitwiz
22: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
23: Kmart Garden Center Berlin by bitwiz
24: Ice Mystery 11 by bitwiz
25: Once Kmart Berlin by bitwiz
26: Berlin Greenie by Keebs
27: Faun Bait 4 by bitwiz
28: Berlin greenie by Keebs
29: Berlin greenie by Keebs
30: Ice Mystery 10 by bitwiz
31: Once an Acme, Berlin by bitwiz
32: Acme Berlin 2 by bitwiz
33: Berlin greenie by Keebs
34: Faun Bait 2 by bitwiz
35: Dragon Bait 10 by bitwiz
36: Hydra Bait 1 by bitwiz
37: Faun Bait 3 by bitwiz
38: Rear Exit Acme Berlin by bitwiz
39: Ice Mystery 12 by bitwiz
40: Ice Mystery Kmart by bitwiz
41: Rear Exit Acme Berlin by bitwiz
42: Once an Acme, Berlin by bitwiz
43: Acme Berlin 2 by bitwiz
44: Dollar General Berlin by bitwiz
45: Pasta Vino Light Berlin by bitwiz
46: Once Kmart Berlin by bitwiz
47: Atco Train 4 by bitwiz
48: Atco Train 1 by bitwiz
49: Atco Train 2 by Keebs
50: parking for commuters by aufbau
51: Wawa Rubzee by q21701
52: NJ Munzee by ThePacer
53: Wawa Light by bitwiz
54: Wawa by Bandyrooster
55: Wawa Motel Light Room #1 by wanderings
56: Wawa Motel Light Room #2 by cptcranky
57: Wawa Motel Light Room #3 by bellacandy
58: Wawa Motel Light Room #4 by UnNamed
59: Wawa Motel Light Room #5 by angryEMT
60: Wawa Motel Light by bitwiz
61: Hydra Munzee #142 by SandyL
62: WC lp 14 by aufbau
63: stop by aufbau
64: Faun Munzee #183 by jenks70
65: Bus Stop by mding4gold
66: Faun Munzee #1465 by kkmathes
67: Earth Bait by mding4gold
68: Greentree Gemini by cptcranky
69: GT ZODIAC by cptcranky
70: GT Taurus by cptcranky
71: 14 by cptcranky
72: Faun Munzee #648 by DeCoyote
73: lp by aufbau
74: Mt. Laurel CB #2 7/12 by aufbau
75: Mt. Laurel CB 7/12 by aufbau
76: My Laurel Corporate bacon by AL2NJ
77: Mt Laurel Corp Center by bitwiz
78: Construction Vehicles Only Diamond by mding4gold
79: Midlantic Crossbow by aufbau
80: Martin's Time Share by bitwiz
81: Guardrail Diamond ๐Ÿ”น by mding4gold
82: Dragon Munzee #1473 by rubaek
83: Westampton sports gatzee by Big100HD
84: Turf Rules by mding4gold
85: big lp by q21701
86: green eb by aufbau
87: Swamp view by cptcranky
88: Faun Munzee #954 by amnordblom
89: Kids park by Qwade
90: Twofer 2 (314) by Keebs
91: Dragon Munzee #1111 by emb021
92: Twofer 1 by aufbau
93: LP in the boro by aufbau
94: Stray RE Motel Room #1 by bellacandy
95: Stray RE Motel Room #2 by aufbau
96: Stray RE Motel Room #3 by TeamFreeman
97: Stray RE Motel Room #4 by NatureKlutz
98: Stray RE Motel Room #5 by cptcranky
99: Stray RE Motel by UnNamed
100: Yeti Stop by aufbau
101: Puggy In The Muddle by africacher
102: TC 3 by aufbau
103: Dragons Like to Read by aufbau
104: Reserved by NatureKlutz
105: Dragon Bait 3 by aufbau
106: Taco Taco 2 (302) by Keebs
107: taco taco by aufbau
108: Two for a dollar (308) by Keebs
109: Twofer a $ by aufbau
110: Twins by aufbau
111: Twins
by Keebs
112: <3 by aufbau
113: No snow by aufbau
114: BOS next to lp by aufbau
115: pole 9227 by aufbau
116: Unicorn Munzee #790 by stonediggernt
117: Mythological Bait 18 by bitwiz
118: Unicorn Munzee #249 by Rememberlostisland
119: Myth Bait by mding4gold
120: Hydra Munzee #707 by fogen
121: Everyone Into The Pool by mding4gold
122: Leprechaun Munzee #185 by QuizMark
123: BKzee by svilen1975

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